Whispers Of Anguish
Whispers Of Anguish
Author: EternityCloud

Angel of death?

one month ago .....

I still remember the incident and wonder if I can meet him again or was it just a dream/ illusion

(flash back)

Organizing college events is so tiring, I lost the time track,

It's almost 10pm and yet here I am alone and hungry, I grabbed my dinner from the fast food stall and I munched it as I walked along the subway. Wandering alone & tired, I looked around for a place to relax but could find nothing.

I felt something go past,

A Scream? Sense? Light? What was it?

The drifting air carried a sense of terror, Street lights flickered for a while and busted one after the other until the place was left with anything but a ray of light.

I could feel danger lurking all over the area, I wanted to run but how could I? Darkness hovered over the place,

What's happening? I questioned myself

Is somebody summoning a Demon from the underground world? I whispered to myself.

"Haha! What am I thinking? C'mon this is neither a novel nor a manga, it's real-world things like summoning demons that only happen in mangas. I convinced myself as I carefully walked across the street,

I heard a strange voice, The air around went berserk I could hardly manage to stand firm, Smoke covered the place amidst it I saw a light getting wider,

Loud cries were deafening my ears and the light blinding my eyes, With my body shivering continuously, Drowned in sweat, I was in a pure state of horror with my breath hitched in, my eyes widened in disbelief, Coming out of the light was A person? Animal? My eyes could no longer differentiate what they saw. The moment that creature completely walked out of light and stood on the land. Everything around was shaking and the air seemed to have no control of itself, things were falling apart. I screamed in terror but my scream was nil, before the sound of crazy wind and the fierce howls. With my eyes still fixed on that creature, Hoping to be saved by someone.

I screamed with all my might, as though my screams attracted the attention of the animal it walked towards me, fear-filled in me. What? No, no I don't wanna get killed, I still have dreams to come true, God Can't be so cruel to let me die in my youth

I sure was scared. I still wanted to live,

But every step of his towards me made my life shorter and my death closer,

I cried in regret, "Please spare me I won't let anyone know what I saw". My instinct screamed for me to run but how could I? feeling unsure I looked up to find a heavy object falling on me, as I was an inch or two near to my death crushed by the heavy stone, A terrific Scream escaped my throat.

If I knew this is how I was going to end up,

I would've enjoyed my life to the fullest.

Things around me like the berserk air, The scary howling, I could hear nothing, it was very calm, the air with it brought the peace I felt like I'm being carried away.

" Wh-why is it so dark and peaceful? Am I dead? I questioned myself.

"Why not see yourself," said a powerful voice that sounded scary and enchanting.

I slowly opened my eyes Under the moonlight, the first thing I saw was a mesmerizing pair of eyes gazing back at me intimidatingly, Long eyelashes,

A pointed nose that looked like a decoration on his beautiful face with a slightly grown beard and hissy hair.

Holy christ did he just walk out of a painting, I chewed my bottom lip and asked. "Are you an angel of death?"

He smirked at me and replied in a husky voice "Angel of death, ha? I can be with pleasure" saying this he brought his face closer to mine, as I witnessed his blue eyes turning blood red color and wait what? I could see two pointy things coming out parting his lips. He opened his mouth revealing his dangerous fangs and he bent down to find a spot on my neck.

"H-he iiis a-a Va-Vamp-ppi-Vampire?"

My eyes grew wide in horror,

" N-No, please don't"...

"Hn? And why shouldn't I?``said the intense gaze and the enchanting voice.

"Haha, I know this is a reality show, isn't it? C'mon people if you planned on pranking on someone then you succeeded"

……. Silence filled in the air………

No response…… repeating my words….

I looked around….. There wasn't a thing from my imagination…

No hidden crowd… no crew… no director, no cameras I turned my head to look at the man in front who stood elegantly

Unsure of what to do I carefully took a step forward then another until I was close enough to him, I stretched my shivering hand and touched his fangs

Holy Christ! That felt so real

" high-quality props, ha?" You think this will scare me? You gotta the wrong person

Haha" I said with an awkward laugh

"Props?" He held my hand and brought me closer, our faces were inches apart I could feel the strong power of domination, and a shiver ran down my spine.

"Let me show you how real they are? Foolish women, aren't you scared? It won't take me time to drain your blood and feast on you"

His accent, his looks, everything was proving that he isn't a person from the present…

"Look" I separated myself from him and straightened my clothes

"Mr. You are good looking, hot, charming okay? But why do cosplay on the streets? Do something better I'm sure you'll succeed" I concluded with a smile

All of a sudden the air felt heavy, he took a large step towards me, his eyes not leaving mine for a second, the glare and the closeness were suffocating me, he held me with a tight grip, it felt like the blood in my body froze.

"You dare to insult me? you foolish human," he growled and his hand caged my neck, the grip was getting tighter.

"Ahac….Ahac….Ahac I coughed my life out, but he continued to strangle me until a low yet intimidating voice called out from behind, "Master Dylan it's time to go".

The creature freed me from his strong grip, causing me to fall to the ground. I closed my eyes in pain, "O-Ou-Ouch, It hurts!

The moment I opened my eyes, the scene greeted me with a shock. "What on earth just happened? Am I hallucinating? The place that was destroyed moments ago, is now back to what it once was.

Everything around seemed normal, I looked all over the place curious to find those two guys, I couldn't see a single soul, let alone those two guys.

Everything felt surreal except me falling to the ground.




So what was it? My imagination? Or reality, but it felt so real.



A Vampire.

Do they really exist? Dylan right? Well I will remember you

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