sacrifice shall set thee free

1 month later.....

Happy Birthday Lailah" 

Cheers and applause fulfilled the room,

  A beautifully decorated cake that looked delicious and lovely presents, not to forget the loud music and crazy dances. A surprise party was arranged for me on my 18th birthday. I'm not a party animal but just to make my friends feel happy, I joined the occasion. After a while, when I could no longer handle it I excused myself from that place Exiting the back gate I let out a long sigh. Wow, that was a hella lot to handle. Wanting to breathe some fresh air, I walked around. In front of me was a small grove. It was past midnight, unsure of what to do. I stood at the entrance of the grove,

  "Man, I wish not to go back again! I want to relax." standing there I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply.

The gusting breeze brought my eyes open,

Where was I? Concentrating through the darkness, Discomfort brushed over me as I came to realize I was in the Wilderness. The giant creepy trees surrounded me and As I began my walk through the darkest depth of the gloomy forest, the ghastly wind moved right through me freezing my bones to that of the splintering ice. I looked up to the sky to see the blood-red moon watching me through a lattice of leaves.

The loud sound of thunder filled my heart with terror, I could feel the wind blowing everything away with anger and despair. I felt a sharp pain all over my body trying to fight against the weirdly changed weather.

"Honey, where's this place? A soft voice caught my attention, I looked behind and my eyes settled on a beautiful lady dressed in red, her eyes sparkling in excitement, her lips carried a mesmerizing smile she had an amused look on her face, Looking at her arms she continued.

" Your dad is full of surprises sweetie! Let's enjoy our day here." She bent down and kissed, the cute baby not older than a toddler who l doubt was a little angel?

Such a cute kid I have never seen before.  

"Haha," the laugh sounded menace but enchanting at the same time. "You flatter me, darling," the man turned around. 

 Holy Christ my breath hitched in my lungs, 

How can there be such a handsome person on the earth, a pair of blue hypnotic eyes, the perfectly crafted jawline, his face! Is it real or a painting? 

What a stunning view, it looked like the family of three was descended on earth from the heavens! " You see that moon" pointing his finger, the man said to his wife. "So beautiful," smiled the lady.

  "Thy beauty will be tainted,

Covered by the dark clouds 

Thee will wish to elude the pain.

Finding no way around to hide,

Nature! Thine beauty will be forced to witness the terror that I Oucht to pall over,

that will dwell with thee forever."

Saying these phrases, the man walked over, grabbing the little cute child from his mother. The man lifted the child upward in the direction of the moon. 

 "In the name holy Akeldama, I shall sacrifice thee, to fulfil my obligations towards my ancestors." The man held the child in his arms, bearing his fangs he took out an ancient dagger, looking at the fangs and those scary blood-colored eyes, the child screamed in fear his cries were being ignored, the lady stood there shocked, fear covered her she tried to move from her place to save her child, but something clutched her in a tight grasp she screamed in disbelief."H-honey you can't do that! he is our child, what has gone into you.?" 

my eyes widened in horror, I ran towards the man to grab the child from him. But as I reached the spot the child's innocent blood greeted me, My face was covered with the blood that splashed.

"Ye shall infer the verity! This sacrifice shall set thee free from the worldly grieves." Reciting the phrase, the man walked towards his wife with the blood-stained dagger. "No, no wait! Is he going to kill her as well"? I questioned myself. I shall not be a bystander, this time before the man could reach her, I went in and stood in front of the lady.

 "You can't do that to her, she is your wife. You are a monster! who just killed his child without mercy, and now you want to kill this woman? I won't let you do that."

 Ignoring my words, the man continued walking elegantly towards us, when he reached fair enough distance he looked into my eyes, My heart stopped beating, my blood froze, fear ran through my veins I swallowed terror that went down my stomach and crunched it. His blood-red eyes and his fangs made me puke blood, but I stood firm in my decision to save the lady."You, a lowly creature, dare to stand against me? He smirked.

  " I-I wo-n't L-Lett Y-you k-ill he-her" I stammered."Ho~ Go on then," he said in a funny tone, While I was still thinking about the way to stop him. A splash of thick liquid and a pungent smell brought me back to reality. The lady's screams deafen my ears and the scene blinded my eyes.

The vampire had already penetrated the dragger in her heart and was feasting on her blood. witnessing the scenes inches away, my body gave up on me, I could feel nothing but blind terror, weighed down by dread my legs were weakened with fear. I couldn't take it anymore with a loud "thud" my shivering knees touched the moist ground decorated with blood, the thick blood crossed the fabric painting my legs red, the wet feeling froze my blood, I struggled to get back on my feet but not a single cell in my body agreed to my will, determined to take a look at the corpse of the lady and her child I managed to get up, fear tied my legs before I could take a step further, My eyelids feel heavy, the strong smell of blood made me dizzy, I was losing my consciousness but my eyes captured the scene of the vampire walking away, with him moving further his words vanished with him.

"Ye shall infer the verity! and this sacrifice shall set thee free from the worldly grieves."  With that, he left the place in chaos, and I was lying there senseless, amidst the corpse of the lady and her child.

Blood without killing, The events felt surreal but it was real, there was a disaster, no news/ media informed about the murder that took place.             

              My friends convinced me that I was hallucinating, ok I agreed with them but wait, What? In my fist, I found the pendant that was hanging around the child's neck.

Follow me as I uncover the truth in the chapter.


              Illusion or reality

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