Illusion or reality

Laila! Laila!" I could hear similar voices screaming my name, I recognized them, I'm so desperate to answer them, tell them where I'm, but fear clawed my throat. I struggled to get up, tears rolled down my eyes. I wanted someone to help me, get out of this hell and look around at the lady and her innocent child. Their bodies started evaporating and In no time the air embraced them and drifted away. At this point, I knew what real terror was.

" Oh my God! What the hell," yelled a voice. I looked in the direction to see Emma and Tyler running towards me.

Tyler soon lifted me from the ground and held me in his arms, Emma came and squatted before me. They both had a terrible look on their faces, their eyes widen in horror, "" Emma's voice was numb with shock, she caressed my cheek, tears trickled down her eyes, I could tell that she'd been crying for a long time and her eyes were swollen. Tyler did nothing, he was just staring at me in disbelief, he was mute with horror. I could take it no longer and I was in a state of panic. I explained everything to them. Confusion was written over their faces. They both exchanged looks, they just seemed to believe that a horrific incident might have occurred because I was drowned in blood from top to bottom. But the vampire story they thought I was hallucinating, and I gave in and kind of believed them. They wanted to leave that place, Tyler lifted me and carried me in his arms while Emma followed us. Soon we reached home, without wasting a second Emma prepared a bath and a set of new clothes for me to wash and change. I was afraid to take a step further, Tyler and Emma assured me that they would be here no matter what.

I smiled at them and walked towards the bathroom, closing the door and I looked at myself in the mirror. My picture horrified me, face stained in blood. My clothes were as though they were washed in the blood. "Hallucination? Why don't you just believe me?" Tears uncontrollably ran down my cheeks, I felt a heart-piercing pain, biting my lower lip and clenched my fist. "ouch! Something pricked me. I opened my fist to take a look. " Holy Christ! What on earth? Th-this pendant, I couldn't reckon what I saw. My mind went back to the dreadful scene. As I ran forward to save the child I felt something hit my face with a splash of blood yeah, this pendant was hanging around the child's neck, as his throat was slit from that ancient dragger, the chain broke due to the pressure applied. Remembering that disastrous event I screamed in terror and the next second I was on the floor, Emma came in panicked, she comforted me and helped me take a bath. With no desire to eat, I went to bed thinking that this will all vanish, as the morning's sun will rise with new hope and a new day. I was so tired that as my head touched the pillow, I drifted into a peaceful sleep. All of a sudden I heard a voice whisper in my ear, "Laila, you're a jinx" I trembled in fear at this moment I realized that someone is following me, My heartbeat was pondering faster and fear ran through my veins I was so scared and frustrated I ran with no direction but as I moved forward the whisper turned into a loud and clear voice. "Your existence is destructive, you'll bring disasters in the life of your loved ones"

I cried my heart out, the fear absorbed me, but the dreadful voice seemed to neglect my suffering and continued "you traitor! Murderer! Wait for your karma to destroy you as you destroyed them,"  The voice kept on echoing. I covered my ears in horror. I screamed but I couldn't find a single soul that could offer me a helping hand. I could listen to the voice rising wild and nigher the trees and its leaves the drifting air, the ground that I was fallen on with misery the rocks that stood still in its might all that existing around me whirled in a motion and whispered "It's time for your retribution, it's time for your retribution" As the whispers grew louder thinking that this would disappear in a flash I screamed with all might, my endurance gave up on me with my suffocating breaths, my vision was blurry and finally my eyelids covered the complete sight.


"Laila! Laila, Wake up what's happening to you,

Laila wake up Laila"

I could feel a faraway voice, calling my name and my body experiencing abrupt movements, due to the growing commotion, my eyes snap open. I could see myself soaked in cold sweat, my body trembling vigorously. The "Lub dub" sound of my heartbeats reached my ears; it was as though my heart would pop out anytime soon, my eyes looking around the room suspiciously paranoid, that the horror might have followed me here. After making sure that it was just a nightmare, I cautiously tried to get up but I felt a warm hand grabbing my wrist I freaked out. "No No let me go, please don't...Let me go"

" Laila! Laila, it's me, Emma! Look over here

open your eyes and look at me Laila it's me, Emma" After recognizing the similar voice I slowly opened my eyes and I identified the person in front it was none other than Emma. Excitement ran through my veins. I jumped on and hugged her tightly, her comfort made my emotions uncontrollable. I cried and yelled frantically after a while when I felt better, I let her go. Emma looked at me with a warm smile on her face, she then set my messed hair and helped me drink water, When she was sure that I'm okay and fully awoken, She chose her words carefully

"Honey! Did you experience a bad dream"? without uttering a word I just nodded at her question, Seeing my response Emma patted me on my head and she continued.

" It's okay sweetie, it happens sometimes especially when you read for 7 long continuous hours and you don't care about your meals, watch supernatural shows, play around the whole day, exhaust your energy on pranks, and overall the results will lead to anxiety and hallucination that you are facing right now." she concluded with a smile combined with worry and sarcasm. I would have smacked her then and there if my condition wasn't this worse. Instead of comforting me she mocked me right in my face, I looked at her with disdainful eyes. In response, Emma smiled and patted my head then she told me to sleep as we still have plenty of time left to get ready for our class today, or maybe I could take a day off. Each part of my body was very painful, I was so exhausted by the events, anxiety hovered over me and as my head touched the soft pillow my eyes closed and I gradually drifted into a peaceful slumber.


-               --------------------------------------

Emma's life is so easy she doesn't have to study a lot, But I do in fact I've I'm a participant in an inter-college students seminar which is going to be held tomorrow so many new faces and talents ugh, 


But...But I-i I've got this weird feeling that something bad is gonna happen tomorrow 


please follow me to experience the new yet frightful day with the next chapter 


                  "Horror follows you" 

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