Horror follows you

The first ray of dawn seeped into my room, the slanting beam of the sunlight lit my room the faint chorus of melodic birdsong drifted in, the rising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky, piercing sound of the alarm clock brought me back from the dead sleep, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes I got out of the bed and walked down the carpeted stairs tickled my tired feet. A mild aroma of baking bread filled my nostrils, the clean and slightly sweet fragrance somehow smelled warm My lips curled into a faint smile, licking my lips I entered the kitchen place to find Emma topping the strawberries on a perfectly sliced bread with lip-smacking bread spread on it, Side to it was a plate of scrambled eggs decorated with spring onions and thinly sliced tomatoes accompanied by a glass of almond milk with a jar of freshly baked butter cookies.

..."Haa~ I clapped my hands in excitement ...

" Benefits of having a chef friend"

"Yeah...yeah, better than a smooth-talker at least" Sarcasm oozed out of her words

raising my eyebrows I stared at her.

"Ok ok, my bad! Milady, you're an angel,   descended on earth from the heavens. And I'm so fortunate to be friends with ya."

she fake smiled, I ignored her silly talks and walked past her, after a delicious breakfast we both got ready to attend the classes.

On the way, Emma asked me with a worried-filled tone "Liala are you sure you'll be able to manage today's class?"

"Super sure, Baby girl". I winked at her


" super sure? ha~" haha "if you say so"

As we both entered, the crowded campus of our college all we could hear was.


Yes! today we have an inter-college program at our university. Talents from different med-schools have gathered here, to participate in this event and that includes me as well!

After entering the campus, I and Emma went separate ways to our sections, Coz she is a business student and I'm a Medico. Soon the seminar began and after a while, it was my turn I was a bit anxious about it but still, I assured myself and went on the stage. A large hall with silence hovered over it, Icould see several people in front, the dim light interrupting me to notice their expressions. I stood there all by myself with a Mic set away an inch or two from my shivering lips, My anxious gasps echoed the auditorium. The scene of me standing alone against many reminded me of my nightmare, I was about to go from there a hand from behind stopped me. "C'mon Laila what are waiting for, Just go for it, look at how those professors are gazing at you eagerly."

"Encouraging myself I swallowed hard, I clutched my dress tightly with one hand and the mic on the other, I hesitantly smiled and.

"Hi everyone Thank you for coming, On behalf of, Horgstell Medical school and research center I welcome you all, My name is Laila Reyes. I'm a 2nd-year student and I'm honored, to have this opportunity to be able to talk about the topic, that I'm personally interested in.....

Genomic Medicine!"

As I revealed my topic I could hear applause, sound echoing everywhere the sound grew louder, it directly triggered my brain cells. And right this moment my hands started shivering I felt my breath suffocating, I could sense anxiety filling me, this sound and condition took me back to my nightmare. Somewhere in between the applause, familiar sound and words grew nearer to me "It's time for your retribution".

fear conquered my heart, and my mind went blank my knees weaken. And with a "thud" I fell on the stage and covering my ears I screamed. "No, No please letme go don't do this please stop!"

Darkness surrounded me, I was feeling lightheaded and weak, having the sensation of spinning, my eyes eventually closed. After a while, I tried to open my eyes slowly and found myself on a bed in a nursing room. I carefully looked around, I saw a nurse injecting the glucose bottle which was connected to an infusion set with a needle piercing my vein. I turned towards my right and as always Emma sat there beside me, leaning her head on my hand which she held tightly I mean like very tightly. I smiled at her and in a weak voice I said. 

"What? are you planning to kill me by squeezing my hand so tightly? Ahe was startled by the sudden voice, she looked at me and I could see her blood color eyes soaked in tears, her face was pale as a white sheet...

My goodness!  she looked terrified and scared as hell as soon as she saw me she pulled me into a tight breathtaking hug 

 " Thank God Laila, Thank God! I was scared to death... Thank God! 

She cried like a baby " Emma! Emma, Ahac! Ahac you're holding me way too tight lemme breathe at least" 

   "Oh, I'm sorry dear, I didn't realize" She let me go and helped me settle comfortably. "Laila I'm very scared of the events you're experiencing, I don't know what to do, I-i-i, she was choked by her tears. The nurse helped Emma drink some water and went out leaving us some space to talk 

" Emma, please calm down look at you how messed up you're right now,"  I said gazing at her from top to bottom.Wiping her eyes she glared at me. "Who do ya think is to be blamed?"  

I opened my mouth, but failed to find the words.

 she again shot a question at me 

       "huh? Care to explain your miracles, Laila?" 

I kept quiet for a while seeing this she continued " Our business department is conducting some events tomorrow and I was busy preparing for that and I see some people rushing towards my direction one among them shouted " Emma! Emma.... th-that In the middle of discussion Laila suddenly collapsed on the stage"  she paused for a while and continued

" My heart was about to pop out of I felt numbness all over my body I was frightened I immediately ran towards the auditorium I saw someone carrying you to the casualty department I followed them after examining you? they started I.V and shifted you to the nursing room. Now tell me what on earth happened to you" 

   Ignoring all her talks I focused on one thing I asked her excitement 

  "Wow Emma, the business department is organizing events? Can I please come over? Please Emma" 

  "That's not the correct answer for my question" 

  "But promise me first that you'd take me there tomorrow? " 

   "Ha~ she huffed in disappointment " Ok, but only if you feel better" 

I nodded in agreement.

  "So now spill the beans" She ordered 

I inhaled deeply and narrated the whole story. Emma was so worried after hearing what I had to say, tears uncontrollably rolled on her cheeks. She gave me a warm hug and assured me that everything's gonna be fine over time.



As I and Emma separate our ways back home. Having complete fun of the events, I came across a lady, who I always thought was kind and lovely but unexpectedly my day was filled with misery. With her message came a new and horrific turn in my life. Why is this happening to me? What wrong did I do to experience a new fear every day?

Please, follow me to witness the horrific twists in my life with the next chapter.




"Mysterious painting"

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