Mysterious painting

The warmth of just setting sun, and the calmness of beautiful evening relaxed my nerves. I inhaled deeply and let go of all my anxiety, with the setting sun I felt a new hope born in me, as my heart whispered in joy.

||Escaping the sunset's red, the blushing wind drifted around, crossing the vast and furious Oceans, Came a dream knocking alone,                                            Let the hue of darkness be gone,            Let again the peace of hearts be born.||

Walking through the pavement, I looked around to see the Little kids enjoying their life with no worries and fear. looking at the joy and the priceless smile on their faces, reminded me of my childhood.

"wasn't I a troublemaker, each day mommy was called by the class teacher to report on me, My naughtiness was always at its peak. I still remember spreading a rumor, about being able to see God, by scratching their tongue to bleed. The very next day around 70% of kids, attended the class with a wounded tongue. And their parents complained to the authorities about a nuisance Child, spreading a false story. And the time my mom was informed about my mischief, instead of defending me. she abruptly laughed at my foolish actions and I ended up being suspended for days.

" Oh my goodness"  Hahaha I laughed at my craziness, "What memorable time I had, of course with happy memories came a flash of my dark life, not wanting those horrible memories to haunt me again, sealing those memories in the depth of mind I closed my eyes.

" Heavens, Is that you, my dear!" Emptying my brain from those thoughts, I opened my eyes to follow a familiar voice.

"What are you doing stand there, C'mon in lailah"  yelled Mrs. Brown from her bouquet store on the opposite side of the road. I waved at her Walking towards her store.

"Good evening Mrs. Brown" a gentle smile appeared on my face "May the heavens bless you sweety" she returned a warm smile

"it's been a couple of days since I last saw you, I was troubled" She Complained

"Oh, my apologies for worrying you, my schedule is a bit tight these days" drawing out  my hands I sighed

"haha, look at you posing as a granny at such a young age, Would you like to join me for evening tea?" pressing her lips she raised her eyebrow

"I would be honored, Mrs. Brown your evening snacks are the best I wouldn't wish to miss them" licking my lips I winked at her

"Such a glib tongue" she playfully pinched my cheek and went in, I followed her.

As we entered, the lawn area welcomed us with a captivating fragrance that was mixed in the air around by those beautifully decorated flowers, sprinkling its bliss in the atmosphere that could lighten up the gloomy moods

to enhance the beauty, were not so large grassy rocks deeming the gushing water to slip through it.

This scene was enough to get rid of anxiety, I walked around for a while, as always my eyes spotted a strange yet attractive painting on the wall at the right corner of the decorated room,


I have seen this picture so many times but whenever I questioned Mrs. Brown about the strange painting she changes the topic, her ignorance aroused my curiosity, yet I respected her privacy

My hand reached the wall Involuntarily as my fingers were about to touch the wall I heard a voice and pulled my hand back but my sudden moment didn't go unnoticed by Mrs.Brown she stared at me for a while and with a smile she said

"My dear, Will you please look after the store for a while? I gotta deliver an order immediately"

"Su-Sure Mrs....Brown" ( I smiled hesitantly)" I'm sorry sweety, I wanted us to have a little chat on tea, but... " she sighed helplessly


"It's ok Mrs. Brown, next time maybe"

I assured her

"If you say so, I'll get going take care Laila"

saying this she turned her back, after taking a step further she paused for a moment without turning she said


"Laila, I know you're curious about the painting but I suggest you, bury the curiosity in the depth of your soul, don't even think of satisfying your interest unless you wanna end up regretting"


her words sent chills to my spine, I felt sharp pain swallowing, my buds produced fear instead of saliva that pierced my throat and passed all the way down to my stomach forming a crunch, it was more of a warning than a suggestion,


Once she was out I inhaled deeply, a shiver ran down my body. I pulled myself together and glanced at the painting one last time as I walked out of the room.


exiting the store I stood on the street my mind wandered back to Mrs. Brown's suggestion like a warning I didn't see her face but I bet she carried an awful look while she said that I wonder why she always avoids the topic


The ringing sound pulled me back from my thoughts without seeing the caller name I subconsciously answered the call


I could hear a worried filled tone on the other side of the phone "Laila did you reach home safely"

"Yes, but why did she warn me? and why do you think I will regret it?" I replied


"What...What are you talking about? Who warned you? Lailah? answer me " the loud talk  bought me back to reality a wild thought crossed my mind

I disconnected the call and went inside the store without caring I pulled the curtains aside as I barge in the room pausing for a while I gazed at the painting, my legs moved on their own in no time I found myself standing inches away from the painting taking a deep breath I exhaled sharply preparing myself to break the restriction and feed my curiosity observing the painting I lift my hand to touch it. The moment my fingers brushed against the painting, I felt current passing through my body, my pulse quickens and my fingers go numb, my blood froze and I could feel horror running through my veins, my heart pounding frantically and would pop out of my chest anytime soon, I couldn't hold it any longer my legs gave up on me and I collapsed on the floor.I wanted to scream, but no sound came out of my throat. tears trickled down my face. I forced myself to get up,I rushed out of the store, resisting the cold and sharp pavement, I didn't even care to wear my shoes, I ran down the street like a madman goosebumps bursting on my arms for no good reason. I find myself glancing back to the store repeatedly.



It's been a while since I was peaceful in my normal life I no longer smiled as those horrible nightmares keeps haunting me, but a call from that person made my mood glow,

After spending days in pain I finally laughed and felt relaxed but when I still think back I find myself confused. Who is he? To me , a friend? a lover? a guardian? Follow me to witness happiness after a terrible day with the next chapter.


"Are you blushing?"

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