Are you blushing?

 I reached my home in no time I threw the front door open as soon as the door closes behind me I sink into the floor, my legs pain running my body parts screamed in anguish, I felt feverish or was my body burning after gathering a little energy I got up and walked towards my room, the heat in my body torture me to death I convince myself to take a cold shower

As the first drop of water comes in contact with my bare skin I could feel the steam release from my body, I surely took a long bathe then ever after changing into my comfortables, I didn't even care to have a dinner Instead I get ready for bed, but my racing heart won't let me sleep my eyes refuse to let go what they saw through the painting,

I almost escaped a heart attack when my phone started ringing all of the sudden. I swallowed hard and reached for the phone. I noticed an unknown number but whoever it was I wanted someone to talk to right at this moment to avoid the horror that's dwelling inside me.

I pressed the answer button and bought the phone to my ear

"Hello," I heard a charming voice on the other side. I kept quiet, not sure how to answer . The voice repeated itself  "You there lailah?"

"He-Hello," I stammered

"What's wrong with you honey?"

"honey? I raised my eyebrows

" Don't tell me that you forgot who I am?"  the intimidating yet charming voice captivated me

"It's me, Luca,"

reality hit my brain and my eyes widen in surprise Holy Christ how can I forget

him I smacked myself on my forehead clearing my throat I answered him

"Forget you? haha wh-why would I? haha I laughed awkwardly

It seems he accepted my lie and continued

" Don't you dare to not even in your dreams" he let out a small laugh. I smiled listening to it.

"So tell me sweetheart are you okay"? I heard from Emma that you are getting panic attacks and nightmares, ?"

Emma, I cursed her under my breaths

"Th-that I-I"

"Laila? as my name left his mouth I felt my heartbeat increasing to the infinity level, not due to fear, I find myself blushing, and what followed after was totally out of my control

" Luca, I....I'm afraid I.."

"Laila, I might not be there beside you but I'm always with you, talk to me Laila let me take away all your pain and fear"

Listing to his comforting words I let down my guard, tears ran down my cheek and I cried hysterically letting all my fear and anxiety flow through my tears after I was done crying I felt very calm and as though the heavyweight was lifted from my shoulders my body felt relaxed.

"Are you feeling okay now?" he waited for me to finish crying and asked calmly

"Yes, I feel relaxed"

"oh, that's good"  he paused for a while and continued "hi, Laila it started raining all of the sudden"

"Really? that's very nice Luca" I replied

"Nice? no dear it's not because the weather forecast didn't announce about it"

"So what it's not a bad thing after all"

"Oh no wait....! he exclaimed

" These are your tears Lailah" he let out a teasing laugh

I laughed at his silly attempts to make my mood better "Luca you're so bad" I complained.

"I can sense weakness in your voice, did you have your dinner?

"Oh, there we go... "I lost my appetite"  I sighed

"Can you tell me the exact details"?

His question confused me " exact details of what Luca?"  I expressed my curiosity

"Exact details of the place, where you lost your appetite Laila so that I could find it and bring it back to you"

I burst out in laughter this time the tears escaped my eyes didn't carry any fear but they sure we're filled with joy

"Stop it, Luca! I won't be able to laugh anymore, I'm tired"

"So now you realize that you're tired, go and grab a bite Laila, I dare you to sleep empty stomach" His voice carried slight anger. "Okay" I was so tired that I didn't want to argue with him

"I won't hang up"

"What? Why?"

"Because I want to make sure that you really did eat your dinner".

"Hmph~ Stop being stubborn Luca you're behaving like a 3years old"  I complained to him in a grumpy voice


"It's not me it's you who's acting like a spoiled kid, Laila I won't disconnect the call unless I'm sure that you had your dinner and slept soundly"


"What now you want to witness my sleep as well, this is too much Luca, what will you do listening to me sleep?" I asked a silly question to which I regretted later. "What will I do, hmmm... Good question"

huh~ He smirked "I will enjoy listening to your soft breaths" This sentence of his made my heart throb faster and a pinkish flush crept on my cheeks I swallowed the lump that formed in my throat I couldn't find an answer to his statement.

He continued

"Are you blushing Laila?"

Hell!  I was caught off guard

"Bl-blush.... blush ha- Wh-Why would I"?

" So you didn't blush, hm?"

"N- no"

"then prove me" He demanded

Whaaat? how on earth will I be able to prove that

"here's the thing Laila if you eat your dinner then that proves you didn't blush if you don't then you better know the answer"

oh God he is so annoying -grr

"Tch this is so childish fine I'm going to grab some bites" huh~

I could hear him smirk victoriously So silly

after having my dinner I was still on call with Luca he spoke to me about various things and listening to it I didn't realize when my eyes closed and I drifted into a peaceful sleep

...The binding sunshine surged in through the windows forcing me awake, annoyed I got up rubbing the sleep out of my eyes ...

"So what's with the lover's thing"?

" Mmm,?" I saw Emma standing in front with her arms crossed

"Stop pretending Laila, you guys talked for a whole night?" her face displayed surprise

"Whole night? Are you crazy Emma?"  I was confused by her statement

"Not me it's you both" she grins

"I walked into your room a while ago wanting you to wake you, I saw you clutch the phone to your ears. It amused me so I slowly unclutch the mobile from your hand and surprise! surprise! I found Luca on call then I assured him that you're fine and sleeping soundly, he disconnected the call when he was sure that you are fine...So tell me Laila what's going on?" she raised her eyebrow

"Silly don't use your wild brain, the call was unexpected to me as well, I guess in the middle of the conversation I fell asleep" I hurried and explained to her before she could misunderstand the whole situation

"Oh my I'm so hungry Emma please let's go down for breakfast" I pouted

..."No baby, we're having our breakfast out today, remember I've got events to manage"."Oh yeah shoot how could I forget that let's hurry up and get ready". I was excited, for a new and fun day.



Wow, the business department lives up to their name, What a wonderful event did they organize,


As I and Emma were strolling and having complete fun of the day

A familiar yet distant voice pulled me back to the reality

"Yo~ What is a Mistress daughter doing here? Wandering around shamelessly"

I turned around to find a person meeting her is the last thing I wanna do but here she is




Please follow me to support dealing with the unexpected embarrassment, with the next chapter.


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