56 || Selfish brat

I’m avoiding my stepbrother. Turns out that’s easier than I thought. Or, it could be that he’s also avoiding me. We don’t get to see each other except at the rehearsals. The only thing going well in my life is the choir practice. If I didn’t have the solo to look forward to, I might have hated practice.

Six more days until the competition begins.

Am I nervous? Hell, yeah.

Will I kill it? Hell, yeah.

But for now, I have to figure out a way to get to school without Calum. Jackson’s car is yet to be fixed. Dad was my ride yesterday and he spent half the time asking about Jackson, if I could handle dating in high school. I want to avoid that today.

Standing in front of my room, I text Amelia to know her location. The door to Calum’s room opens, a little too fast for me to run into mine. I thought he was gone. I beep Amelia again.

“Hey,” Calum says.

His shoes appear inches away from min

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goodnovel comment avatar
on Saturday. Didn't have a great writing week so I couldn't write more.
goodnovel comment avatar
not exactly but there will be a performance.
goodnovel comment avatar
it's got to be Calums friend. Wonder if the competition will be leading to his performance

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