57 || She’s

She’s pretty. 

She’s sexy. 

She’s not in high school.

She’s not his stepsister.

She smells of money. 

She reeks of confidence.


My head spins with a thousand reasons why my stepbrother is grinning at this beautiful woman walking like a model on the runway. The more I watch them, the more I realise how unsuitable I am for him. Calum doesn’t wait for the lady to cover the distance, he rushes over to her with as much grace as a teacher can and hugs her. 

They hug. I mean, they hug for ten seconds. Yes I’m counting. I’ve been counting every second away from him. Every second in this friendzone. 

I hate it there. 

The team erupts in murmurs, Regina leans over to Christie and whispers something in her ear. I’m the only quiet one. My eyes are glued to the pair speaking in hushed tones and hugging like lovers reconciling. The lady is tall and

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Grace Stephens
He tried to say he wanted u to meet her, which meant he wasn’t hiding her from u. But u shut him down. Now instead of acting more mature n knowing what their relationship is by being friendly u loose out on calming ur mind n nerves.
goodnovel comment avatar
I'm glad you do, thank you for reading!
goodnovel comment avatar
I didn't plan for that in this part. But maybe in part 3.

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