60 || Once upon a time


“Don’t you think that was unnecessary?” I ask, making reference to how Tessa acted to make my stepsister jealous. “You didn’t have to kiss me.”

“I kissed your cheek, Cal,” Tessa replies with an eye roll. She is a great actress, she fooled me for a second. A frustrated groan tunnels out of my lips. I am still thinking of Cathy, how heart broken she seemed. She is hurting and I don’t like it. I don’t like to think I’m the cause of her misery. “And no, it was not unnecessary.” She hands me a compact mirror and smacks her lips as she stares at her reflection. We are in the backseat of the rental car. “The only thing unnecessary was her rudeness.”

“She’s being a teenager, Tessa.” Cathy didn’t mean any of the things she told me. She might act all tough but on the inside, she is soft, a good girl. It’s all a facade she drops around me alone and

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you'll find out who did it in the next chapter, that's if you haven't already.
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seconded. we all do stupid things out of anger but it doesn't mean we should be crucified for it.
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Tabitha Lenox
I know she went after him at the beginning, but I hope she makes him chase her now. He constantly pushes her away. I say let go and move on if he continues, make him earn you back. I hope it's not her that sent it. That is too low and wreaks of desperation/jealousy.

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