It's been two days, he hasn't called.

The picture was pretty clear but I'm needing him to tell me there was some sort of a misunderstanding. I need him to tell me it was all a prank and that it meant nothing. Whatever lie he can come up with, I'll believe it. What I refuse to believe is that the love of my life cheated on me. My Ezra would never.

I wipe the tears off my cheeks for the umpteenth time this afternoon. I'm meeting up with the girls in a bit and I can't be a mess around them. I'd been avoiding them for the two days and I haven't seen them since Bruno Steiner's party. I know they're already suspecting something is wrong and I can't afford to have them asking me questions so I need to get myself together. I'm also in no mood to think of lies so I'm really hoping I'm not left in a situation where I have no choice but to.

Today I decided I need to go out, I need a distraction. I've been stuck in my room and I'm honestly tired of crying and waiting for him to call. That's why I'd texted Liz earlier. The girls have been going out every day since the summer break started and I know they have something planned.

'Whatever it is I'm in.'

I'd texted Liz. I'm sure she found that odd as she usually has to force me to go out with them but I'm thankful she didn't ask any questions.

A car hooter sounds letting me know that she's here and I rush to take my bag and phone and then head outside.

"Hi stranger," she greets me dramatically, making me roll my eyes jokingly. It's only been over a week.

"Lizzie!" I then say excitedly going in for a hug. Seeing her brings warmth into my heart. She's one of the very few people whose simple presence calms me. She doesn't even have to say anything, she just had to be there. Ezra used to be on that list. I ignore my heart tightening at the thought.

I wish more than anything that I didn't have to lie to her, I hate that Ezra's put me in this position. Where I'm hurt and I want to talk to my best friend about it but I can't. I can't talk to anyone. Dad doesn't even know what's happening and Cody's just going to tell me, 'I told you so.'

So I have to swallow my feelings and hope that I'm going to be ok.

"It's been years girl, where are you hiding?" Again, dramatic.

"I've been recovering from our crazy weekend." I half lie. it's better than a complete lie, right?

"I know right? I only went back to get my car like two days ago. Bruno and them had a mini party we went to. It was where that Ezra guy kissed that girl."

I beg my heart to calm down.

"Oh. Yea that was everywhere." I hope that didn't come out high pitched.

"Yea, I think they like dating now or something. At least that's what the tabloids are saying." I've been staying away from the media because of exactly that.

"That's cool. I heard he wasn't seeing anyone for a while." That's what the world thought anyways.

As we continue driving to wherever she's taking me, I decide I'm not going to let this burden me anymore. Clearly he doesn't care about me enough to even give me an explanation. Even a break-up text would've been better than silence. If he doesn't care then why should I?

We're now nearing the beach and I look at Liz in confusion. I'm not wearing beach clothing.

She must see my frustration because she laughs and then says, "Don't worry. I got you."

We park the car and she gives me a two-piece swimsuit to put on and I now get why she didn't tell me where we were going. Liz is not a fan of my not liking to show too much skin and she's not afraid to show it. She knew I would've brought shorts and a vest had she told me we were going to the beach, I definitely would not have worn a bikini.

Ezra always felt insecure about me dressing in certain clothing and that was the main reason I'd never worn them. I never wanted him to feel insecure so I always went above and beyond to make him feel more comfortable, even if it meant bringing myself down. I would've done anything so he's happy, too bad I can't say the same for him.

Now that he's seemingly with someone else, I don't have to worry myself anymore about his insecurities.

So I take the tiny pieces of clothing to put them on as Liz looks at me like I'd grown a third eye. Likely because I didn't fight her first before putting them on but also, for the fact that I WAS putting them on.

Soon she joins me to put on her own bikini. We struggle but eventually succeed in taking off our clothes and putting on the swimsuits in the car.

The weather is more than accepting of the white tight bikini that I'm wearing and I smile as I look at my reflection on the car window.

There's a reason why Ezra never wanted me to show too much skin, I look good. Liz nods her head in approval and we're soon walking towards a group of people also in bikinis and shorts. I smile when I see some of our other friends there.

There are speakers around the section connected to a car and they're blasting music so loud it's heard throughout the beach. The other people sitting there don't seem to mind though as they're bumping their heads and feet to the rhythm.

Beach parties are pretty much a given during summer. In fact, I don't think a week ever passes where at least two aren't hosted. People here really love the beach.

"Girl, everyone's staring at you." Liz says to me as we walk down the warm sand barefoot but I don't respond because I notice some of Ezra's friends sitting on camping chairs right where we're headed. "Is this Bruno's party?" she nods as someone comes to hug her from behind, making her giggle.

I don't know if I want to see him right now. What would I even say to him? He'll probably be with his new girl to pay any mind to me anyways.

I still look around to see if I can catch him somewhere but he doesn't seem to be in sight. There are too many people here that I don't think I have a chance of spotting him even if I tried really hard. I give up looking for him then now start looking for Liz who seems to have disappeared on me.

"Wow... Alex right?" I hear a familiar voice making me turn around. Even though I hang around popular people, I'm not a popular person. People don't even know my name, they just know me as Liz's friend. So you can imagine my shock when none other than Bruno Steiner refers me by my name.

Bruno and I have been around each other, more than a few times, but he's never individually addressed me before. He'd always hug me but that's usually because he'll be going around hugging everyone I was with. So that should explain my shock at the fact that he knows who I am.

"Uh. Yea." I finally respond with uncertainty to the boy who's my man's best friend. I mean my ex.

"You're always so covered up. You're really beautiful." He says to me and I just smile in response then continue looking around for Liz.

I expect him to disappear after because that's what he does, throws compliments in passing. But no.

"Are you looking for Liz? I saw her a few minutes ago with Jeremy. She'll be a while."

I know what he means by that.

I tell him thank you then decide to go say hi and chill with the rest of the girls. He seems to be following me because he's now sitting next to me and conversing with me and the girls. No one finds it weird because Bruno does these sorts of things all the time.

But eventually, his questions get more directed to me than the girls. He's asking me questions like where I'm from and what I'm into, clearly trying to get to know me. But I don't find it weird because Bruno Steiner is known as a friendly person. Flirty too but he generally gets along with everyone.

He, just like the rest of the world doesn't know about my situation, or rather - my past situation with Ezra. It was so hard hiding it from my friends and I wonder if it was for him too. Did I even mean to him as much as he made it seem? As much as he told me I did? I ignore the thought. Today I want to enjoy myself.

I've been sitting and chatting with Bruno for so long that we seem to have lost track of time. The girls have also disappeared to who knows where.

It's getting dark now and we're looking way too comfortable with each other. At this point, we've spoken about anything and everything. I see what people see in him, he's such a genuine soul to be around.

I'm so caught up in the zone that I don't sense a figure standing right behind where I'm seated.

"Alex?" Is all I hear before turning around thinking my ears are playing tricks on me. He sounds so different. Partly because I've never heard him address me in public before.

But also, he sounds so... broken.

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