"Hey man what's up?" Bruno greets him after a while.

Ezra greets him back with a hug but his eyes stay on mine. Bruno notices but doesn't say anything. We've all been in one place at a time multiple times before but we've never said anything to each other. Ezra and I always act like we don't know each other around people so I know Bruno finds it weird how he's looking at me. Like I carry the key to his heart.

I don't look back at him because I didn't realize how mad I was until now. I'm afraid of what I'll do if I look into his eyes. I can feel the anger radiating from within at the sight of him. I was sad before but now I feel aggravated. He cheated on me, how could he?

"Hey I'm gonna go look for Liz." I say to Bruno already standing up to leave. I pray my voice came out calm and not shaky like the rest of me. I don't even bother to wait for him to respond before I speed walk my way as far as my legs can take me.

Tears start raining down my face as I start running to get away. I can't let anyone see me like this.

I feel so betrayed. So heartbroken.

I slow down when I feel I'm far enough but start running again when I hear him calling my name. I can sense him running toward me but I don't stop even though I don't stand a chance of getting away from him. He plays football for a living.

He clearly wanted to hide me so he can be with someone else. That makes more sense. I can't help but think how many more times has he cheated on me? How many more girls? He got caught on camera this time but what about the times he didn't get caught?

Or was I the side piece this whole time? Was I the one he was cheating with?

His voice gets closer and soon he catches up to me to my utter frustration. He grabs me as I fight to get away but he's stronger than me, he holds me tight in a hug so I don't get away. I hit him on his chest repeatedly even though I know he's not feeling the impact. At this point I'm crying so bad I can feel my breath getting heavy. I then stop hitting him and he lets us fall down slowly.

"Baby please." He whispers to me with a break in his voice.

We sit on the beach sand far away from everyone after we'd wrestled for what felt like hours. My head is against his chest and I'm surprised that I still have tears left. 

"Why?" I ask barely audible. The pain is unbearable.

"I was drunk and stupid. It meant nothing, I promise." I get up from his chest to see him tearing up too. I've never seen him cry before.

"But why didn't you call me? I waited for you! I didn't care what the world was saying. I wanted to hear from you Ezra!" I'm getting frustrated. He holds my face to wipe the tears off.

"Baby I was mad at myself. I AM mad at myself for what I did to you and I didn't know how to explain it. I haven't been sleeping for the past two days because I couldn't stop thinking about you." It's true. I can see the dark circles around his eyes. He looks exhausted.

"I love you! I love you so much and I'm so sorry but I can't lose you." He says staring into my blues, with tears in his grays.

I've never in my life thought I'd ever get cheated on. I've always judged my friends when they'd get back with the guys who'd cheated on them because I didn't understand how they could trust that person again.

To me cheating was unacceptable. I'd always thought if a guy ever cheated on me, then it's goodbye forever.

But as I sit on the sand looking into his sad and now red eyes, I can't imagine myself not forgiving him. My heart melts when I see him cry because I know he's hurting too.

"I'm sorry my love." He whispers against my lips before kissing them. I don't fight him, I instead put my legs around his hips and melt into the warmth of his soft lips.

Everything we've ever done has always been in private. He comes to my house or I go to his. We never walk in public and we've certainly never kissed in public.

So for the first time ever, we don't care that someone might be looking at us or taking pictures. In that moment, nothing matters but the two of us. It's like the world and its many complications don't exist. That's what kissing him always feels like.

We then lay our backs on the dirty sand just staring up at the sky in a comfortable silence. He's holding onto my hand really tight, like if he let go I'll disappear. I then squeeze his hand in a reassuring tightness as we lay there for what feels like forever.

"Let's go home." He says to me and we stand up to walk back to where everyone is because that's where he parked. He's still holding on to my hand but I know he's going to let go once we get closer.

He stays behind me for a few minutes letting me go further so people don't think we disappeared together. I look for Liz when I get there to tell her I'm uberring home but she's still nowhere to be found so I tell my other friends to tell her for me then I say goodbye to them.

I then go to the parking lot with no clue what car he came with today until I see a lime green colored Ferrari I'd never seen before. I know it's him. He likes to stand out.

The door automatically opens when I get closer to it and I see him inside with a smile on his face. I'm still just wearing a bikini so he puts his jacket on my shoulders when I get in the car. He then starts it and we're soon off.

I know he got a new place a few weeks ago but I hadn't been able to see it because his friends are always there. He says that they always just randomly show up, so the past couple of weeks he'd been coming to my house and we'd been hanging out there.

I'd honestly been hurt that almost everyone we know had seen the house but me, his girlfriend. Even my friends have been to the mansion. I've heard all about the wild parties that have taken place there. I can't help but think more about that as he pulls over the driveway and opens the car doors for us to get out.

If he'd really wanted to, he could've let it happen. He could've had me see it when he'd gotten it, before everyone else even knew where it was. I'm annoyed at myself for even thinking about this.

"Are you ok?" He asks clearly sensing my uneasiness.

"I don't know, I guess I just can't believe I'm only seeing it now. It's beautiful." I say honestly to him with a smile that I know doesn't quite reach my eyes.

He looks at me and then at the ground before taking my hand to lead me inside.

It's huge. So... him.

Ezra is generally a minimalist so I'm not surprised that it's not over-furnished. It's sexy and tranquil. The perfect man-cave. Or man-mansion if you will.

He shows me around and there's another thing I can't help but notice. There are pictures everywhere, of everyone.

I even saw Liz and some of the girls on one of them and I know he saw my face when I did but he didn't say anything, neither did I.

"I'm so proud of you baby. I know how hard you've worked for all this and I'm glad it's finally paying off. I'm so happy for you." I say to him honestly. He's the hardest working person I know.

We're now in his large bedroom and we're laying down on his bed facing each other.

"Thanks, my love." He says to me with a smile then kisses my lips lightly.

After a while of just laying and talking, we head into the shower to wash off the dirty sand we were practically rolling around in then we head back to bed where we make love the whole night until we tire ourselves to sleep.

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