"Hey, you're not allowed to peek!"




He responds in surrender then lets me put the palm of my hands back on his eyes.

He's even worse than me at surprises.

"Are we there yet?"

"Almost. Just a few more steps... And - you can open your eyes now!"

He conforms and then,

"Uh... I don't get it."

"Open the box," I say to him in a duh tone but I'm not surprised when he then says,

"But what was the point of closing my eyes if it's in a box?"

Josh has a smart mouth that I still try really hard not to slap.

"Ok I guess that was a little dramatic but open the box Josh jeez," I say to him annoyingly but also excitedly. I can't wait to see his face when he sees it.

He then doesn't waste any more time before opening the box and then,

"You're kidding me!"


"Alex, is this a prank?"

"Ooh, that would've been a great one hey? But no it's not."

I say then laugh when he jumps up and down holding the red piece of paper.

"My friend is one of the players for the eagles and he p
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