I haven't seen Ezra since the game about a month ago, he'd been blowing up my phone but I made it clear I want nothing to do with him.

I'd tried building a friendship with him but I can't be friends with people who take me for granted.

I certainly didn't invite him to come and spend Thanksgiving with us and I almost ask who invited him but,

"Honey, I hope you don't mind that I invited Ezra."

This man is clearly wanting to drive me crazy.

Of course I mind.

Ezra has been nothing but a distraction throughout my life and I don't need that, not anymore at least. I need to rid myself of him and his toxic energy.

I know dad knows I'm not cool with him anymore because he hasn't come to visit in a while, also I act deaf whenever he starts asking about him.

So clearly he's trying to fish something by not only inviting him, but Cody too.

"Hi Cody,"

I decide to only acknowledge the other boy. He's usually quiet when he's irritated, I'd learned it was to keep his anger at bay, so as to not do
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