"He was going through stuff Alex, he's done nothing but try to prove himself since."

"I'm sorry, we're talking about the same guy whose actions had us not speaking to each other for two years right?"

It's beyond me how she's still on his side after what he did.

"Alex, he made a mistake. Ok maybe a few but who hasn't? You can never question the fact that this man loves you."

I mean I've never questioned it, but love is simply not enough now is it?

"I don't know if I'll ever look at him the same again."

Yes it's been years, but even though the heart forgives, the mind doesn't forget.

"You'll never truly know unless you give him another chance."

For the umpteenth time, I decide to shrug her comments away. Liz doesn't understand. It's easy to tell someone to forgive and forget but it's different when you're the one having to forgive.

Because of this man, I have walls up so high that people can hardly climb them. Because of this man, I have trust issues.

So no, it won't be that easy.

And y
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