"What did I do now?"

We do this thing where we joke around with each other, this is to ignore the tension that still exists with us.

We walk around acting like everything's cool and I guess it is, to an extent but there's clearly stuff that was left unsaid with us. For way too long.

That is why,

"I just wanted us to talk - to clear the air."

If I'm serious then we won't waste time joking around.

I want to do more than just 'clear the air'. It's been years and we still haven't really talked about what happened.

He takes a seat across from me and then,

"Yeah sure."

His tone gets a bit serious and that allows me to continue.

"Where's Bruno?"

I don't see him around anymore, for years actually.

I know they'd remained friends after we broke up, for a while. I'm not sure what happened with them but clearly something did happen because wherever there was Ezra, Bruno was somewhere around. Never one without the other.

"I don't know."

He says simply.

His face is void of emotion, like that was n
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Exactly! Where is part 2
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Tammy White
please you got to give us more! It can't just end with him saying "no"
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Seriously…… where is the rest???
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