Chapter Ten(The pain)

Third-person Pov:

It has been three days since the incident, and Mira has not been herself. It hurts her that her once quiet life has turned 180 degrees in seconds, not only was she arranged to marry a total stranger and a man that he knew nothing about but also the moon goddess has blessed her with a mate that didn't want her. Even after staying here for four days, Mira hasn't seen her supposed husband. The last thing she wants now is to meet her husband but she can't avoid it for long since their marriage ceremony is in two days from now. Leaving her self-centered mate and getting married to another sickens her and makes her feel nauseous.

"Ouch…" she groans, as she feels pain shoot through her head even though it has been three days since her mate injured her, her head still hurts her like crazy. She locks herself for the past few days to avoid her mate or her demon husband. She caresses her scalp before swiveling to the other side of the bed. Her lips looked dry, and she had dark
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