Chapter Fifteen

Mira's Pov:

We all sat at the dining table without uttering any word, who dared to say a word except Nicholas who kept glaring deadly at me. The beta and gamma were dangerously glaring at each other, Virginia gave ma a pitiful look before diverting her attention back to her husband. The beta and gamma wives also were giving me the same pitiful look, I gave them a small smile that I am ok, whereas I am not one-quarter close to being, ok. I seriously wanted to run away from this place or even crawl under the table to avoid Nicholas's destructive gaze.

I slowly peered at his beta, who was bending his head with his two eyes closed. I just wish I could do that but I can feel someone's boring heated glare at me. I bit my bottom lips nervously, as I prayed for the Alpha Den to calm down his anger and reconsider us. My middle lap is already sweating due to uneasiness. "Who sent me to growl at Nicholas? I always end up in trouble, now look at what I have caused. Assume I haven't put my mouth
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