Chapter Sixteen

Mira's Pov:

She stares at me as if I did lose it. I uncomfortably shifted on the bed before motioning for her to tell me about Nicholas's brother. I can't do anything again since the word has already slipped from my lips. Telling her to forget it, will make it look suspicious but who am I kidding, I can't deny that I so much wanted to hear about him. To know what she has to say about him.

"Why…. Why do you want to know about Derrick?" She asked me with a narrow eyebrow.

I close my eyes as I tried wrapping the name around my head, the name sounds so sweet, enchanting, and most especially appealing that I feel f****g drawing to it.

"My Derry…" I inwardly moaned.

"What the fuck…." I screamed surprisingly within myself as I tried recollecting what just happened.

"Did I just say that….. Like my Derry?" I asked myself.

"Ouch…. Why am I so stupid?" I asked myself as I hit my head to impact some senses into it.

"Are you ok….?" She asked with a concerned look.

"Do you have a headache?" She as
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