Chapter Seventeen

Mira's Pov:

Filing my nails while sitting on my bed, what Angel told me the other day flooded my mind. I was warned to be careful of a red nasal girl Nengi, even the mention of the name sends chills to my bones. I haven't met her already and I pray we never cross paths. I stare at the omega's were busy running around and making sure that everything is ready for my wedding. Tonight is the full moon, I will be getting married to Nicholas. I signed the hundredth time as I stared out of the window, pain flickering in my eyes as my heart felt heavy. I will finally get married to the guy that cares nothing about me though he was my mate. It hurts to find myself in this kind of situation.

I have decided to shove the strange feelings I have for Derrick out of my mind. Though it wasn't easy. But I have to stop this madness, I can't be attracted to the name of a guy I haven't met before or even crave for a guy that I haven't seen and the worst part is craving for Nicholas's twin brother.

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