Chapter twenty-six ( it can't be possible)

Third person's Pov:

Derrick stares at her, several emotions flicker in her eyes but he couldn't read any of them he knew that she doesn't feel happy, she looks sad like she was not happy about them being mates which hurt him but before he could open his mouth she turned around and took to her heels.

Derrick didn't know what he did wrong, losing his mate on the first day that they were seeing each other wasn't his plan. He knows that he looks nice and not scary so he didn't know what will chase her away or make her not accept him but he tried running after her before he was interrupted by a familiar voice, he wanted to lash out at whoever it was but turning around he noticed that it was his brother.

"Hey bro….." greets Nicholas.

"Yeah…..Ummm," Derrick forced a smile, though he wanted to meet his brother but not now. This was the guy he was waiting for over some minutes now, this was the guy he was standing waiting to see but now though he was happy to see him he wants to be with his ma
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