Chapter twenty-eight ( She isn't important)

Third person's pov:

"If getting the full blame to avoid this all thing from transpiring, then he is ready to do it," Derrick murmured within himself.

"Oh!! No, you don't blame yourself…." Joyce the beta's wife said in a concerned tone. The Alpha was in deep thought since everything was going on, he was in serious thought about who the person might be that he cares less about what was happening around him.

"Same here….. You are one of the bravest people that I have come in contact with," Virginia whispered to Derrick as she playfully smacked his shoulder to brighten his mood.

"Hey, mom! That hurts….." He forges hurt as he rubs his shoulder.

The gamma cleared his throat "Alpha, luna since we are done here, I need to retire to my chamber. Please if you could excuse me," he said with his head bent down respectively.

After hours of still standing with his head cast down, he noticed that the Alpha didn't spare him any glance or acknowledged him. He cleared his throat again and repeated wh
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