Chapter twenty-nine

Mira's Pov:

With the whole place unkempt, empty cans and some folded used tissues were scattered on the floor all over the place. Sitting on the bed was me, with my hair ruffled, ravaged, and covering my whole face. Holding the duvet my sob was the only thing heard in the room, my eyes are red and painful due to my persistent sobbing. Sneezing my nose and wiping my tears with the tissue paper as I trash them away after use I have refused to leave my room or go down to the dining to eat with them knowing fully well that I am mated to the two siblings there. How am I to stare at them in the face? Or even look at them? My throat aches and hurts due to my consistent sobbing.

My heart bleeds "what does the moon goddess take me for? An entertaining creature? Does she derive pleasure in seeing me in pain and agony?" A sob escaped my throat as many questions kept popping into my head. I know that it was wrong to curse or talk ill of the moon goddess but here, I mean is f****g painful especia
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