Chapter thirty-eight ( The visible pains)

Third Person's Pov:

Holding her gown a bit high, Mira kept running. She needed to run far away from Derrick, she needed to keep her sanity with a throbbing heart she kept running with no direction or destination. Her plan tonight was to avoid Derrick and Nicholas but looks like luck wasn't on her side, meeting Derrick at the river bank she concluded on rejecting her but ended up almost kissing him. And now here she is running to no way, how was she supposed to cope with this whole thing? She knew that her life was about to take a turn, it was about to take another path, and this path fucking scares the shit out of her because it is going to be her destruction if care is not taken. With faint breathing, she kept running till she bumps into something. Her heading hits a hard surface.

"Ouch…..!!" She groans in pain when running on the spot.

"What the…….!!" A male voice growls in anger, that's when it dawns on her. She even thought that she bumped into something without knowing that it wa
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