Chapter seventy-four( Being strong)

Mira's pov:

I don't believe that I could be pregnant, I can't still wrap it around my head that I am carrying one of the twin brother's pups and that scares me because I already know the father of the child. Having this child is never my plan, I can't have a child now not with all this trauma. My heart breaks every minute knowing that I have their pup in my belly, I don't want this child to tie me down. It hurt when I got the news that I was pregnant. I so much wanted to terminate the pregnancy but it was risky for my life. I wanted to cut any tie that I have with this family but having their child isn't a good idea at all because that child still binds us together.

I stay in the door every day doing nothing, just thinking about my way forward on how I am going to raise the baby without any of them having any idea. I can't raise the child in this unconducive environment, I have a lot of threats around me. A lot of people don't like me so they can get to me through my child, after acce
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