Mafia queen
Mafia queen
Author: Tannerlolly

Chapter 1


Highlighting from the cab I make a mental list of today's activities,first i'd have to attend this damned school second I'll drop by the store for groceries third my nighttime job,

Living alone made me realise no one gives a fuck about you and you must learn to survive yourself, growing up I hardly know my birth parents but of course I've kept a very clear record of the constant adoptions and being abandoned, I grew in an orphanage and I've been adopted countless times only to be returned with the same complain, I'm not the ideal type of child they want but who cares to hell with them all.

  Growing up I had little basic education till I was old enough to leave the scrawny old orphanage to live all alone , fortunately or  unfirtunately I got a nighttime Job as a stripper, during daytime im the ordinary looking school girl but at night I'm a toxic seducer and stripper,

  I whince in pain feeling a hand pull me by my hair

"Common Brenda I told you not the hair okay?"

"What's up kita?"

"Told you not to call me that"

"You're no fun anymore"

"When have I ever been fun?"

She pouts walking away from me towards class, brenda has always been the rich bitch of the class, bossy and pretty I started off as her underdog running few errands and all for her ,being the lowest of the food chain in class I was mostly bullied and taken as the everyone's maid but one thing led to another and I stood up for her when she had issues with her parents which brought us here now together as friends , at school everyone thinks she's a bright wealthy champ, a spoilt brat who wants nothing other than to get laid but I know better, she's considered the odd one of the family, unlike her elder brothers she didn't get the brains of the family,

  The first Derek is a handsome cool, stunning blonde with a cute American accent even though he's a born and bred England child, we speak British but what can I say he's wealthy enough to take extra classes ,the other Darren is also a blond but the difference is unlike derek who's cute Darren is the hottie and totally badboy but he's totally brilliant always topping the class,

"Wait up brenda"

Running after her to the class I sit right behind her, poking her with my finger slightly, she doesn't budge I try ticking her which does the trick she giggles at first but laughs eventually,

"I can see you guys are happy, is anyone up for test?"

I stop the tickling as the whole class pays attention at the teacher, i scrunch up my nose feeling pretty bored already when class has not commenced yet, he's the geology teacher but he rants more than he teaches,

"First i'd like to introduce you to two exchange new students,come on in guys dont be shy, this is Tammy and this is Trevor"

I come to a quick conclusion. I dislike them both, the first thing that comes to my mind are the two weird names Tammy and Trevor. What are they twins?

"They are exchange students but according to info they won't be staying for long but I hope you guys treat them as a family, come up Tammy let's hear you introduce yourself"

"Hi guys, I'm Tammy Im an exchange student and just like he said I won't be here for long I want us all to cooperate and be nice to each other"

I roll my eyes in my head just when I thought it can't get any worse I'm not intimidated by her looks or anything but I can tell she's no good, she wants us to cooperate this is school not an investigation centre why does she keep speaking like she owns it all, 

"I'm Trevor and I hope we get along"

I can't believe it two cocky exchange students what's the problem they have with get along, are they here for crime fighting who uses those weird terms anymore,

I watch them both as they walk towards and past me taking their respective seats, those two seem so odd, they both look too pretty and classy to be in a school like mine, and by exhange students not staying long but breifly I'm sure something is up with them.

"He's cute right"

"Brenda!!, They are right behind us"

"Who cares, I want him"

"He's an exchange student he ain't be here for long"

"Doesn't matter, I see it, I like it, I want it, I get it"


Standing before the mirror as I examine myself,I'm in a blue lingerine, and a silk blie bra to match wearing a black pair of heels and matching red gloss applied on my lips,

"You are up kita"

"Coming Clara"

I hasten my steps walking over to the kitchen,

"You look stunning kita"

"For three years straight you keep repeating this boring line of yours Clara"

"That's the best I can do to cheer you on remember yoi are a human, being a stripper doesn't make you out to be an odd one"

"Yeah yeah thanks for your everyday motivational speeches, any special requests?"

"Nope not yet if anything comes up I'll let you know"

"Alright, I'll be up on stage "


"What?, My time is running out and Chloe would cut off my pay if I'm not up there in time"

"Your mask"

"Almost forgot"

"Lousy thing"

 Running back into the dressing room I search around for my mask all in vain

"Damnit, where are you silly thing, I saw it right over there"

I trace the room trying to find it

"There you are"

Walking towards the back door I squat to pick it up, I pause on hearing two voices one totally belongs to Chloe the other I don't reckognize,

"They muat be treated with respect,and give them whatever they want, I mean whatever I don't care what they might ask for you must give them all they want,even if it's your soul ir anything other than that"

"I told you I dint want them up here in my club"

"They'll pay"

"I know they would but I dint want anyone harming mu girls"

"They won't if no one screws up"

"I still still don't want them here"

"Common girl, I thought you were smarter than this, so what if they make some odd requests just a day and they'll be out if your hair, but you'll get thrice the amount you earn in a month in just a day"



"That should've been the first thing to twll me"

"You see why I like you, trust me ni fuck uos and everything would be fine, do tell your girls to act in order and they'll also get paid in hefy sums one might actually be lucky enough to end up in bed with any of them think abiut the amount she would earn"

"That's their choice"

"Just make sure no fuck ups, be sure to tell them that"

"I would, thanks buddy"

I hear the footsteps walk away from the door till the sounds are faint"

"Where the hell have you been, everyone have been waiting for your performance"

"I'm sorry I couldn't find the mask"

"And now?"

"Here it is"

"Thank goodness,hurry Chloe would murder you tonight"

Running up to the stage I wear my mask, moving to the centee of the stage the light turn on and I get several applauds,I can tell this thirsty drunken mother fuckers were waiting up already, I walk slowly to the front tapping my heels on the ground,the beats come up and the aings begin, I walk towards the pole, bending slightly around it I raise my first leg turning it around the pole,tilting myself almist taking a 65 degree cirve on the pole I feel my breasts bounce slightly my nipples poking hard at the silk bra, the cheers Increases,I continue mu dance routine bending, twisting and twirling around the pole,

"Take it off!!, Take it off, take it off, take it off,"

The cheers Increases, there's ni way I'm going stark naked out here,the micmakes a little tapping sound I turn to see Chloe

"I'm sorry our audience but I might have to steal the performer for a while, someone else would be up here real quick"

Heaving a sigh of relief I follow her off the stage ,but why would she help me Chloe doesn't give a fuck as long as she gets paid

"Kita you have to attend to the guests at the v.i.p"

"Hell no, I'd rather go back on stage then comply with this"

"This isn't a request kita, it's an order I pay you now get to work"

I shrug walkng away from her uo the stairs towards the v.i.p section, I hate going around there and I stick to my routine as a pole dancer but tonight I feel totally uneasy, it's no news that only people with tons of money stay up there and they all are monsters with loads of money, I sense a bad vibe up there couples with the conversation I heared earlier something odd would happen and I'm sure of it,

   Tightening the loose end of my mask I walk in with all confidence I can muster,I  stop to a halt, shocked and amazed at the sif

Sight before me

"What the fuck!!!"

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