Chapter 2


"Come on in"

Walking slowly I feel the tray in my hand shake , I watch them all but different questions storm in and out of my mind why is Trevor and Tammy here, do they recognize me?, But most of all why are they with Emilio,

 He's know to be the biggest drug baron in Ireland, he hardly goes about excey when he means to entertain really important people which brings me to thinking are they drug dealers,

"Come here "

I move towards Trevor with the tray in my hands, he stares at me for a minute as If to confirm something, he nods slowly,

"She's clean Trevor everyone here can be trusted"

"I won't be so sure, you know I won't be pleased if anything gets out to the feds"

"Stop ranting and get down to business this isn't my kind of place"

"Of course Tammy, I'm sorry boss"


He motions for me to sit beside him, I do he looks at me once more definitely checking me out ,

"You like her?, You can have her she's one of my girls"

"Thanks Emilio but I'll pass"

"I was hoping you'd say so, I like girls with silky bras"

"She's hot, but not my type"

I roll my eyes in my mask, trying to act normal, he motions for me to move closer with the tray, he pinches on the cocaine sprinkling some  on my breasts, o grip the tray knowing well what he's about to do , he sniffs the cocaine , sprinkling some more again and repeating the process I grip the tray harder feeling so disrespected but knowing well I dare not move,

"Trevor, let her go we have business to get down to"

"I don't want to"

He licks the rest of the cocaine on my breasts , immediately I regret wearing these bra's, I watch the young lad bring out a heap of money, he places it on my tray taking one long smuggish look at me,

"That's for being my table"

I nod amazed at the amount of money , being a stripper my sense of calculation or relatively high and judging by the stack of notes I can tell it's about $200 to $300,

"Stop teasing the girl Trevor"

"I'm not, I like her but I can't have her and you know that we'll"

"If you can't have her may I?"

"Your choice Emilio,"

Dazzled once more I watch , did he just call the Emilio by name?, Who is he scratch that who are they?,I was right all along o knew something was off about them both but this is way too much for me to take in ,how do a bunch of high school kids have this sum of money and what business do they have winding upw with Emilio the godfather of Ireland?

"When do you want it delivered?"

"This week"

"Business isn't done that way Trevor and you know so"

"I do but orders are orders"

"We can twist them a little right?"

"Like you've been twisting ?"

"Stop being ridiculous, I've been truthful to Esteban"

"No names Emilio"

"Sorry miss, but she's my girl and I don't think she knows who he is?"

"Don't call me miss, call me Tammy and stop talking down to me, I'm a lady but I won't have you look down on me, I still remain a boos and your college"

"My apologies Tammy"

"Way better"

This is becoming interesting, she just called herself a boss and Emilio's college, the college to a godfather of Ireland?, For a sec I would've though this was all a Ted out, it' sounds funny to me but I'd dare not make a sound, I seat rooted to the chair like a statue,

"I'm not bwnding rules Emilio, I'd have the goods in three days time you'll get your pay same place and time"

"If I have to push uo the goods here in three days time I need more funds"

"How much we talking about here?"

"Couple of hundreds more about 8"

"It's done, $800 added to your initial amount for the transport from the cargo"

I scream mentally the cargo!!! $800!! , by the cargo does he mean the port ?, Heck I'd take a taxi for about $10 down here up to port, he just freaking charged $800, what shady deal could they be involved in?.

"That ends it , I'm done no more advances or inctease in funds"

"Yes Trevor,"

"Are we done , Im beginning to feel of booze"

"Not yet Tammy, I wanna have a little bit of fun with my toy" 

I look behind me eyes darting to and fro around the room,

"He means you hon, he's like that most of the times,"

I made a huge mistake hating on the wrong person, Tammy is the good guy while Trevor is the monster, I recall earlier today how can this bastard keep his two face facade?, At school he's the cute boy wide smile , bright teeths,at night here he is  being a monster,

"Come over here"

I move closer to him closing every possible space between us, he points to his laps

"I meant here"

I stand walking like a broken doll towards him , taking a seat in his lap, he reaches for the tray pinching little cocaine ,he forces my mouth open sprinkling some on my tongue, 

"Don't swallow love it's meant for me"

He sucks on my tongue like a kiss deprived soul, leaving me breathless as he disengages, I turn pink unsire of what I feel, maybe embarrassment, or I actually enjoyed it?, He pinches some more sprinkling it on my tongue and repeats the process over and over till I lost count and totally high on drugs, 

  Regaining slight  conciousness I see myself still on his laps but the room looks totally different, couple of girls are now in , the high pitch of the song hots my ears and rings continuously in my Brian,I hear discussion loud enough but the words seems scattered to me, I try arranging them I smile on getting a little grasp of the situation,

"Let her go Trevor"

"Still having fun"

"She's high, can't you see that?"

"Makes it more of a fun"

"There are dozens of other girls here"

"Nah, I want her"

I look over to Emilio and I can tell he's having the best time of his life, he's been tended to by four, five wait six ?damnit I can't see the figures clearly but I can tell he's having fun ,I see him bite on a nipple, who's nipple? That I can't see, turning back to face Trevor I feel his tongue graze over my breast, I thug at his hair wanting more from the pleasure,

"Do I make you horny baby?"

I don't respond ,yet arch my back to his touch as he scribbles words on my breasts, he pinches slightly on my nipples making a moan escape from my lips, I can feel my arousal streaming in,

"I can't have you, its orders but I can totally tease you"

"I knew you were going to end up doing this which is why I suggested a bar or something but nope you chose a strip club, you expect me to watch you bang her right here and now"

"You know I can't, but you can"

"I'll pass thanks"

"You sure?"

"Yeah,I think I will"

"Suit yourself"

He leans in on me sucking myneckline down up to my earlobe ,nibboing it slowly, I ride his laps as I feel my wetness on his pants,

"Easy girl I don't want you cumming all over me"

I bite on my lip, I can feel my clit throbbing for attention, he seems to feel my wetness on his laps, he moves his fingers below my thighs spreading my laps a little, he has easy access all theougj asim in nothing other than my net lingerine, 

   He rubs his hands across my clit as Ioan In pleasure, the does the same slowly not filling his fingers in me, he rubs on my niplle with his finger wet from my own wetness, I lean on him moaning into his ears,he looks to Tammy dipping his finger into me, I moan as I feel his fingers in me,

"Are you sure you want to pass"

She walks towards me slowly, leaning in me she places a soft kiss on my lips, moving away from me I see the lists in her eyes

"I knew you wouldn't pass out this time, I'm done teasing she's all yours ready and wet"

He swoops me off from his feet walking towards the crowd of girls I watch as Tammy moves closer to me thrusting her fingers In me all at once, she kisses me passionately and rashly at the same time,I moan louder as she continues…


Holding my temple I feel the greatest headache ever today, I walk through the corridor bumping into someone or something every now and then I woke up feeling dizzy, exhausted and weak I try to recall the events of the previous night but I come up with nothing , I could've sworn I was brought home but being a stripper for few years I can guarantee to find my way home even during a total blackout at night,

 Walking into the class I see the two new  students I almost forgot we had exchange freaks in class, I feel a sudden reckognition at the word freak, brushit it aside I walk over to my desk still holding my temple,I see a drink on my desk with a note, double F

"I'm screwed"!!!

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