Chapter 3


Double F

"I'm screwed!!

I grab the drink tearing the note off the drink and tossing it aside, drilling holes and tearing the notes into bits I swallow hard, the words echo in my mind as I mentally picture the events vividly,

  Walking out of the VIP section into a room with Tammy, she pulls off my lingerine but leaves my mask on, she bends on her knees rubbing my clit with her fingers fast and smooth, I arch my back at the pleasure wanting more from her,

"You want me that bad?"

I nod my head in response, 

"Fuck me freak"

Confused at her words I watch her totally absent minded , my word on clud nine my thoughts jumbled up and mixed,the sexual pleasure and drugs makes it all exotic,

"Say it out loud, fuck me freak"

"Fuck me freak"

I say after her wanting her total Fi gets in me not just sliding through..


Placing my head on the desk I feel a hand poke me slightly, I don't budge knowing it would be Tammy ,

"You drunk or what?"


"What, weren't expecting me?"

"Thank goodness it's you I need to see you for a minute"

"What's up?"

"Trevor isn't who you think he is"

"Wait what do you mean by that"

"Come on out follow me"

I grab her arm oullong her out of the class towards the stairs

"Calm down kita, you're hurting me don't leave me with a scar"

"I'm sorry"

"What's is it ? 3 years now and I've never seen you this serious"

"It's Trevor"

"Yeah I actually have to speak to him about something"

"May I go first?"

"Sure totally"

"I think he's into drugs"

"What do you mean he's into drugs?, He's addicted or he takes them?"

"No, a little bit more if like he trades them"

"Where did you get that information from cause it's damn wrong girl"

"You need to listen to me Brenda, he's not the nice girl you think he is"

"Listen love,I know you don't want me ending uo hurt and all but it's fine I spoke to him last night"

"You what?"

"I did, I'm sorry I know you told me not to but I did and before you go on with your bla bla bla I apologized already ,I spoke to him last night"

"Wait , you called him?"


"Did you hear anything like music?"

"I suppose I did, I though he was at a party"

"That's better"


"Juat had to clear my doubts that I wasn't dreaming"

"You seem to be weird today,"

"Sorry go on what happened"

"I called to ask him out And all but he told me he's sorry that he isn't just like everyone else , he's gay"

"That's new"

"I know right, he's too cute to be one, I really hoped we could get things down"

Flashes of memory comes to me , the tray, she snifing the sucking, the yeasing,

"where did hell did I place the money?"


"Can we talk later?, I'm not so fine I'm having couple of pains and my head hurts so bad"

"It didn't when you were ranting earlier on"

"I think might have to be absent today, just stay away from him"

"Still want to be friends though"

"Four feets away from him"

"Or else what?"

"I'll break your neck"

"Ha ha, funny you"

"Nope he's not the problem Tammy is, stay away from her she's the devil I failed to see"

"I think you really are hurt in the head, how come you got all these sullen ideas jiat sleeping and waking?"

"I'm off, remember four feet away from her"

"Yeah whatever boss"

"Damn you"

I feel another wave of pain hit as I regain little memory, walking down the corridor into the hall I hold my temple real hard,why won't it just come all at once, what the fuck did I consume last night?

  Hailing a cab I place my head beside the window,

" 4th alley"

"Yes Ma'am"

I feel my eyes slose slightly, partially and then totally, I feel myself crawl into slumber, …



"4th alley, "

"Oh I'm sorry,I had to sleep a little"

"No worries it happens most times"

Shutting the door to his cab I feel my feets ache as my head seems heavier than it normally does, I feel my whole body ache and heavy, unable to withstand the pain and exhaust I give in slimping to the ground…

"Where am I?"

The first question that comes to my mind, looking around I fail to recognize my surrounding, who brought me here and why would I be here, I try moving but my body still seems too stiff , panic hits me accompanied with worry, have I been abducted?,

 Nope, this looks too pretty to be a kidnap zone besides I'm not yies to a chair or anything, I feel the warmth sewp I'm gradually my fingers touch something soft looking down I see a duvet wrapped around me, this isn't kidnap it's a whole different thing, laying stuff for seconds , minutes there isn't sign of anyone, 

   Gathering all strength within me I summon uo enough courage walking up and away from the bed, I see my legs still shaky and weak walking towards the counter I see a note attached to a cup 

"Drink this"

No way In hell will I drink that, turning away from it I see a not attached to the counter just adjacent it,

"Don't drink and you won't walk that elevator yourself"

Turning away from the note I look around the house making mental notes not to touch anything or take anything, judging from the internal decor I can tell it's a suite an expensive one, judging by the letter I can tell it's a hotel but who would bring me here and why,

 Brenda?, I scurry slowly to the bed hopong to find my phone to no avail, I feel my knees giving in, I try standing tall but I couldn't almost crawling back to the counter I pick you the cup gulping the content, beneath it was written 

"Told you so"

Rolling my eyes I walk back to the bed wrapping my body with the duvet, shutting my eyes close this is the best thing ive ever had to comfort, whoever might have brought me here has reasons and I'd rather wait than waste time searching for an escape route…

 Squinting my eyes, I turn to see the sun almost fading how long did I sleep?,

"Raising my head slowly I see a figure walk towards me"

"Took you long enough"


"I see you are fine"

"What did you do to me?"


"You cany just tell me nothing I freaking passed out twice in a row"

"That might be my fault love"


"Yes it's Trevor can we skip to the oadt where you ask why you were brought here and stop screaming please it's a suite not your neighborhood"

"Am I expected to stay calm?, You drugged me and brought me here"

"No one did anything to you, I think you did most things to us, I don't know about Trevor but I must say you are really a wild animal"

"Shut you mouth Tammy "

"What, she asked for it"


"Geez, suck it up you heared her moans"

"I didn't"

"Trevor, she turned you on"

"She did but I didn't hear nothing"

Stuffing the pillow in my face I turn totally red from embarrassment, 

"He's telling you lies, you aren't helping Trevor she was wild and you know it"

"Did I?"

"Yes Nikita, you had sex"

"With you or both?"

"Trevor he's the teaser he did tease you a bit but he let you off to me, truth is he doesn't do girls, I in the other hand do both"

"You took advantage of me!!!"

"Woah,woah, easy girl who took advantage of who, you were wildin while riding, you left me dry all dry"

"You realize I'm here right"

"Stop acting all saint, you started it all"

"Stop!!, You both should please stop"

"Feeling shy, I don't like you being shy I like you being double F"

"You sick bitch"

"That's the spirit"

"As much as I'd love to see you girls bickering about I have important things to tend to  it I'll have to begin with you kita"

"What more do you want from me"

"Your soul"


"I need your soul, name the price and it's done"

"My soul like my heart or what?"

"Not like that, you can put it in that way but I'd like to explain more , I need your help working and trust me once you become a member everything changes"

"What do you mean I'm lost here"

"Heater of brotherhood?"


"Something like that"

"Why do you want me?"

"I don't , I didn't know who you were till about a week ago but here I am speaking with you, we work with orders"

"Who made you?"

"That's a bit confidential but once you agree to commit then you can be let on "

"Just take the offer dint breod over nothing it's better ,once you refuse the offer you get killed"

"Tammy, dint scare her off"

"What the fuck "

"What she meant to say is, you have no choice other than to accept this offer you can think it through for about 20 minutes if you don't I might have to pull this trigger right here,

"You have a gun"

"Yes love I do,  so what would it be yes or no?"

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