Chapter 6


Arching my brows, I turn to check behind me but there's no one behind

"I mean you, Nikita vangoff"

"I beg your pardon?"

"I am your mother"

Starring at her with a total blank expression there's no way in hell she is my mother, Ive always had no particular emotion for my birthparents, they abandoned me to their loss but this is certainly nothing like I expected ,

Never in a million years will I think if my birthmother to be a top drug baron whatever this is maybe a mother to child instincts it's totally missing nothing seems familiar with this woman,

"I know to might be wondering why I had to call for you and have various questions about why I left to but I promise to get all those settled"

I nod making more noted to why she can't be my mother, she hasn't seen me in years and this is the way she welcome me? This must be a joke or something, 

She walks towards me placing her right hand on my cheek, pulling me into a totally stiff embrace,

"I've missed you so much"

Still unable to say a thing I remain engulfed in her embrace, after few minutes of nearly choking she lets go of me,

"Maudie, please do show Nikita to her room and she must be given utmost respect and catered for equally"

A young lady probably at the same age range with me walks in stomping in the ground like a soldier and something tells me she's as deadly as she walks,

"Yes boss, she an e or a r"

"She's neither, but you can place her as a r she's my daughter"

"I see,follow me "

I proceed to follow Maudie ,I feel warm soft textured fingers wrap around my palm,

"I've missed you Nikita, I know everything baffles you right now but I promise to explain it all, you need to have some rest first and Tammy she's also fine and equally taken care of in her room"

I turn away from her nodding slightly, following behind Maudie I snort,

I don't know what is going on here or what is about to happen but she is such a horrible actress 

 The whole thing is totally odd, I mean who sees the leader's child for the first time and goes "is she an e or r, and I see" so plainly.

"There's your room, mine is right opposite but the dorms are up"


"Yeah, few people live here based on your mum's orders, she might explain it all to you,

  Level e classes lives on this floor and we ain't that much compared to the R's which is why they stay up and live like dorms"

Unable to grab the situation at hand I ask shyly,

"What are e and r"

"E is short for expert while r is short for recruit"

 "Thanks, but I have one more request, I need to freshen up a little "

"There a bathroom in your room but hot  water doesn't work in there ,your mum prefers being sharp and not dull witted whoch is why everyone on this floor bathes with almost freezing water you'll get to it once it becomes a constant"

"Thanks I was just hoping to warm up a little"

"Of course if you can use the bathroom down the servant's quarters there's just a tad bit problem"

"With the water?"

"No just the way it was built"

"Anything will do, after going through all that happened a warm bath is what I need"

"Your choice come along I'll show it to you"

Tagging along by her side we pass by few people and they all seem to stare at me, I ignore the gazes walking upright,

 This is a new opportunity I won't let go of whatever chances I have and this time I will not slave away to anyone, so what if she mistakes me for her daughter as long as it comes along with power and wealth I'll totally act in line.

"It's In there"

She opens the door to what looks like a huge hallway, walking in I can tell there must be quite some maids here judging by how spacious it is, 

"Told you there is a problem with the way it was built"

I look around, each wall has a shower installed no doors just a plain ground full of showers,

"How do they bathe?"

"It's normally flooded, no one really cares"

"Oh, thanks then I'll have a which shower"

"Imma grab a towel for you"


She walks away from me, taking off my clothes I turn in the shower running my hand through my hair, tired and exhausted the door creaks a little and she walks back in with a towel I her hands, she hangs it by the door staring at me,

Shying away I turn away from her feeling embarrassed, she should know when to leave right why is she still there gawking at me.

"You killed Emilio"

Just when I was thinking of forming alliances and building up trust, did the news really have to get this far? There's no way anyone will want to be friends with a murderer,

"It was a mistake I didn't mean to, he wouldn't let go I had no choice"

"I'm not complaining you know"

"I'm sorry I tend to speak fast when accused wrongly"

"You have a lot to be taught, I also had unfinished business with him"

"What do you mean by that"

She takes off her crop top and her joggers walking into the shower right beside me, I gulp hard checking out her body, slim waistline, belly button , perky breasts pointy nipples, round ass and a huge tattoo of an Asian rapper RM on her right lap, she seems to notice my gawking and smiles

"I fan girl at times too"

"You like him?"

"I won't say like more like respect "

"I see, you're army"

"Totally,you can stop looking at me that way Its odd to see a killer being a fan girl but I can't help it I had lots of time back then I really loved them 7 boys had this tattoo fine when I was ofetty much younger"

"I wasn't complaining"

"That was my line"

"I tend to use things against people too"

"You might not be that bad,"

"You said you had unfinished business?"

"Emilio,yeah I once worked for him "


"He wished but no way, I was one if his errand girls sneaking drugs around the corners of Ireland and doing petty jobs some smah and run few pickpockets, but the crafty fix wouldn't let me be, I did everything to stay hidden from him but power that's just how it works, I had to run real far away from him "

"And you met my mum?"

"Hell no, this doesn't happen iut her ethe way movies prevent it, I had to work my ass up here, funny thing I was once sent to assassinate your mother"

"Yet she took you in?"

"That's the interesting part, I almost did almost succeeded"

"Then why didn't you"

"I had a change if heart and real rethink, if I had killed her Emilio would've gotten all the credit and I'll probably have been shit dead before walking out of the hotel that day, I didn't instead I bargained for her to take me in"

"You think she trusts you"

"Trust doesn't work in this line,  but there's a saying keep your friends close and your enemies even closer,

  Power And wealth works up here, you get on the blacklist of them mafia's you done dead"

I feel my blood run cold on mention of mafia, the name makes me cringe in fear I've watched movies yeah, but partaking in it is a big no for me, that happenings if these last few days makes me realize how dangerous the world can be,

"How about you?,"

She walks away from her shower to mine face few metres away , I can feel her breath fanning against my skin, 

 My heart thuds hard against my chest I know this feeling  it's lust, turning my face away from her to my side I feel her nipples poke me by my side ,

"Just few things grew in an orphanage, went to a public highschool and all, I got a house for myself downtown, couple shifts as a stripper"

"You had all the fun"

"You think it is, till you go instage and are asked to go totally naked before couple of drunk horny men and women"

"Oh, you must have felt hurt"

"It's fine, I hope it all goes by and I begin afresh here"

She walks to my front her breasts rubbing against mine slightly,

"It's not akk fun here either you really need to work your ass up the ladder,. Can you help me scrub my back a little? A little hard getting my hands down there"

She turns her bare back to me, tracing her finger around where her hands can't reach,

I swallow hard trying not to look down at her perfectly round ass, I scrub from her neck down to her back, she motions for me to go down slightly and I comply till I'm finally touching her ass ,

"Put some strength in it"

I rub her butt slightlyand slowly she turns to me taking my hands off,

"It's not done that way, I'm a female and so are you put some energy into it like this"

She presses against my breasts a little, circling her thumbs on my nipples

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