Chapter 7


Twitching my nipples slightly I move away from her staring at her unable to access what's going on and this awkward moment,

"Did I hurt you?, I was so intense in explaining the whole concept"

I feel my clit throb wanting attention, I've got a bitch for a body how can I think if such a thing at this moment?,

"It's fine, I'm fine"

She turns her back to me once more,

"Can you scrub harder"

Moving my arms towards her back I repeat the movements s running up and down her back to her but, she moves all of a sudden bending her back forward making me rub past her butt a little,

Withdrawing my hand almost immediately she notices and turns to me,

"Did I move too fast?"

My clit pulsates more, I'm damned the more why does every word she utters sound seductive to me, calm down Nikita she's only having a shower with you naked like you used to back at the strip club,

"You didn't it was just unexpected'

"I'll try no to move so fast,"

She turns to me her breasts directly in contact with mine, I can feel my win wetness in the shower unsure of how long I can hold this in,

"So tell me more about yourself, any preferences, boys or girls?"

She's about to throw me of the right now,I'll be screwed if she does anything or make any more movement I might have to jump her here and now,

"I like both, but mostly used to boys majorly because of my line of work"

"I think there's something on here, a little dot "

She rubs on my nipples searching for nothing at all but turning me on, I can tell she's seducing me but I'm not sure she's the kind of smash and bang kind of lady besides I'm never used to taking the initiative,

"It's nothing"

I manage to slur out, panting like a tired dog not wanting to moan out loud as shes still twitching at my nipple, withdrawing her hands she rubs her body gradually looking me in the eyes she washes off her face and neck her eyes still lingering on me before scrubbing down 

On her breast she pulls on her nipple stretching it back in place,

"I'm sorry am I making you uncomfortable?, It's just I bathe slowly most times,"

"Nah, it's fine"

"You need help bathing?"

Before uttering a word she rubs in my face slowly, my neck , neckline my chests down to my tummy she plays around with my belly button before going down to my thighs, 

 I stiffen at the touch but she doesn't relent forcing her way either down I give in to the seductive touch which tingles at every motion, sliding her hands between my thighs she rubs slowly on my thighs before going into my clit,

Rubbing her hands slowly at the entrance scissoring my clits with her fingers, I arch my back moaning out loud knowing no one can and would hear us, she drops to her knees spreading my laps apart she rubs in my clit faster causing my insides to churn In pleasure, wanting more than that I rub my hands on my breasts twitching my nipples matching her pace of rubbing my clit she stops at once,

I feel her graze her tongue across my clit sucking on it swallowing whatever wetness had been there, I feel my knees weaken at such pleasure wanting to give in, she sucks harder at my clit rubbing her right arm on my nipple pressing, stretching, twitching and rubbing on it,

Banging my head at the wall and arching of backs in pleasure I feel totally on cloud nine, she stops standing to my height away from her knees, she turns me I've making me face the wall and bending to a total 90 degree, i can tell my clit is totally visible to her,

Holding my clit with her index and forefinger she slides them both into my clit turning them in me, I moan at the intense pleasure not hiding or resisting any more, I feel her Dip more fingers into me as my clit becomes tight. She thrusts her finger In and out of me , I hear the sounds of thrusting and wetness gushing in and out, my consistent moans filling the room she continues the movement till I  feel total pleasure coursing through me as my legs begin to give in and my knees becoming weak,

Grabbing her hand I pull and push her fingers in my clit I creasing the pace myself she doesn't resist as I make use of her fingers continuing the process till I squirt all over her fingers and my body, 

Falling to the ground I see her walk towards me, taking off her hairpin, she smiles at me awkwardly, still exhausted. I find it hard. To see her clearly pulling out her hair pin she stabs me in the sides causing blood to gush out, soon the whole floor is filled with blood mixed with cum, sweat and water,

Slowly I close my eyes unable to understand what just happened,


Waking I feel myself on a cold floor, looking around I can tell this is some sort of toture room, not the kind that makes you scream in pain from being belted or hit or burnt with iron bars but the one that will make you totally insane no space no airs just a plain room with a 3cm window,

I lay still on the floor not wanting to stress myself much as I feel the pain in my sides,

 Worried and confused I still find it hard to come to a reasonable conclusion ok what she did that,

The door creaks and opens slightly I see a man walk on in behind him I's a woman almost half naked wearing a lingerie just like I used to back at the strip club, 

"What on Earth is happening?Why are you here?"

They both ignore me like I'm invisible, I adjust myself sitting upright as Im clothes with nothing other than a thin piece of fabric just a little but long above my knees,

"Will someone speak, anything or anyone?"

The lights become brighter than earlier and now I see clearly I'm in some sort of box made of glass, the kind that is used mostly in movies,

The girl takes off her lingerie slowly leaving her completely naked, I scream mentally unsure of what is about to go down,

She walks slowly towards the glass which seems to be a door between I and her and I begin to doubt wether she can see me or she can't,

She turns her back to me as I stare at her completely dark ass as shes a freaking brunette with plump ass and breasts, she lays on the floor spreading her legs wide she insert her finger into her clit rubbing hard and thrusting fast,

I can tell I'm about to go insane it's like watching porn live, she rubs and thrust with a speed if lightning moaning aloud in the room, the  man walks up to her taking out his dick from his pant rubbing his hands in his cock, 

What are they both doing masturbating?, I ask no one but myself, both seems to be totally immersed in the act that I take down a finger to my entrance rubbing it' slowly,

Finally the girl stands facing the man who in turn pulls her by the waist bending her towards the glass and grinding against her rubbing his dick in her clit,

Wanting to experience the same pleasure I rub my entrance with my fingers sliding it in and out slowly, he thrusts into her all at once as she takes all of him inside her filling her to the brim, he bangs faster, and harder as she bangs her breasts on the door, her heavy breasts making a flap sound with each nabg and her nipples pushing hard against the glass,

I can feel my nipples as hard as pebbles straining my back I feel a pain in my side as I remember the time with Maudie, I thrust faster deeper and deeper till I squit again the second time, the lights go off as I fall into a slight slumber feeling exhausted.


Rolling around I feel totally comfortable and warm, I sniff but catch a totally different scent from my room, opening my eyes I accustom to my surroundings , this is my new home,

I remember the happenings if last night but I begin to doubt if it's actually a dream it it happened, turning to turn off the bed lamp I feel my sides hurt, nope it want a dream it happened for real,

Mys idea hurt the more as I try walking out of bed, walking towards the bathroom in a corner i open the doors to wash my face, doing the regular routing if thorough Washing I hear subtle knocks on my door, 

"Who is there come on in"

A figure walks in to the main room probably waiting for my presence,

"I'll be down in a sec"

I feel the need to pee, taking a seat in the closet I wonder what happened last night was I in drugs?, What could have made me act that way squirting twice isn't my kind of thing,

Walking out of the bathroom to the main room I see Maudie standing in the middle of the room, smiling at her she returns a distinct and cold gaze,

"Training starts in five"

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