Chapter 9

I look around unsure if I had been transported into an armory, weapons seems to be everywhere guns I can hardly know the names, grenades, kinves, daggers, mention it anything could be found in here apart from an atomic bomb and I won't be so sure about one not being in here,

"Move your ass lil bitch"

I look to the man who had dragged me all the way here not minding me being hurt or my bleeding side, covering up my side which has been dripping of blood,

"Would you walk down here or would you stand staring around and have me hit you before you come to your senses?"

I walk willingly over to the man I know when to keep my pride and when to act as ordered I could die down here and no one would ever find out,

He shoves me into a room dimly lighted room spacious enough for a hundred people, he walks out locking me in leaving me weak, hungry and almost lifeless,

Unable to see clearly as everything seems blurry I squint my eyes to find a sofa and a television,

Walking towards it I lay down on
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