Wedding Day
Wedding Day
Author: ItsHazlenut


Author's note:

Hello there reader's, I hope you enjoy the roller coaster life of the characters in the story. You may comment about your ideas, reactions, and critiques about the story so that I'll be able to enhance my skills in writing. Enjoy!


This is a work of fiction. Names, places, and events are all solely from the author's imagination. Any similarities of a real person, living or dead are purely coincidental.

We all want a magical, ecstatic and exquisite church wedding. You're just thirteen yet you're already dreaming and planning your wedding day with the man of your life. Wearing the most elegant white bridal gown with a medium slit at the back, starting from the shoulder to an inch higher from your waist.  The gown must fit your body to flaunt those curves. Hiring the best make-up artist in town to do the miracle. You are the queen. You are the star. Your parents will walk with you on the aisle as your groom waits for you at the altar. Family members and friends are invited to witness your magical day. As the priest declares your union with the love of your life, just like in movies, they shall live happily ever after.

In front of her is massive and is considered one of the oldest cathedrals in town. The place where she once dreamed of holding her wedding ceremony. On the right side of the cathedral are acacia trees and benches underneath it to seat and chill. She could hear tweets of birds, they are singing happily with the anthem of love. It is a great and perfect day, she thought.

"Get ready everyone! The wedding's about to start."

Sheena shouted, the wedding coordinator, as she claps her hands twice to get everyone's attention.

She fixed her dress a bit and took a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. She's anxious right now and could not stop pinching her pinky finger to calm down a bit. She gazed at a bouquet of blue tulips in her hands.

"This is it,"

she whispered to herself. Finally, it's happening.

"You ok?"

Alphabette, one of her friends, asked with a glimpse of concern in her eyes.

"I am, don't worry about me, just a bit nervous but I'm fine,"

she assured her.

The church's door opened as the solemn yet lovely music starts to play. Everything felt surreal, from the decors and everything. Each gaze was fixed on her when it was time for her to walk down the aisle and that made her even more anxious than before. In the left corner, she saw Finn standing and watching her.

"You can do it, girl!"

Finn mouthed silently as he nods and smiles at her. She then nodded back and smiled. She took a deep breath before fixing her gaze on the altar where the priest stands. Next to him is the groom, the man she loves. Joy and excitement are vividly plastered in his eyes. Today, he stands out the most, wearing his gray suit and newly clean haircut. He is undeniably a gorgeous man.


She couldn't help but say his name. She was astounded and mesmerized at the same time. With just a single sight of him, everything melts and crumbles. Making her world spin around. He smiled at her and nodded his head.

Those smiles. That is what made her fall for him deeper each day and night. He is like an addicting drug and she can't seem to get over it. It only leads her to be crazier even more. Tears started to form in her eyes, thank goodness she used waterproof makeup. Well, she came here prepared. Austin was her life, her happy pill that she never imagined living without.

She got interrupted in her thoughts when Sheena, the coordinator poked her to get her attention.

"You can start walking in the aisle now,"

realizing she's been stuck in the entrance for too long. Lost in her thoughts.

"Oh, sorry."

She apologized and smiled at Sheena.  She took another deep breath, lost of count how many times she had done it. Fixing her gaze at Austin's eyes as she took a step forward. One step and a tear just fell. Silly tears. Each step is overwhelming. The world stops and feels like it is just between her and the groom, not a single distraction as their eyes locked with each other, looking intently.

"Lauren, my love, my sweetheart, I would like to take this moment to thank you for being the best partner I've ever had. As you walked down the aisle just a moment ago, I can't help but to thank God for giving me you."

Austin vows as he tried to suppress his tears.

"You never fail to show and express your feelings for me each day. I still could not believe that we are here, right in front of Almighty God, exchanging our vows. Remember the first day we met? Out of the crowds, you shine differently because you shine the brightest to me. Then I promise and told myself "She's the one. The woman I'll bring into the altar." I still couldn't believe that it is happening now. Time flies too fast. I love you beyond measures Lauren! It had always been you in my heart. I promise that I will be a good and loving husband to you. No matter what happens, I will always be by your side."

Austin continued. Oh what a lovely vow, isn't it? Euphoria is vivid in Austin's eyes as he declares those words. He took his handkerchief to wipe his tears. Tears of joy.

"Do you take Austin Garcia to be your loving husband?" The priest asked.

The whole church was filled with silence, waiting for an answer to the priest's quest. These scenes felt surreal. It was just like a movie she had watched. It was just like a love song she heard in the subway. She stared at Austin's face once more and tried to pick every detail she could in her head. His thick brows that she'd always envied, his deep and dark eyes that captivated her soul into a different realm every time he stares at her. His soft reddish lips taste like apples.

"I do, Father!"

Everyone is immersed at the moment. Well, who won't right? She looks up at the cross at the center of the altar and closes her eyes as tears fall freely on her cheeks. Oh God, this is too much, I can't take it anymore she said to God.  As she opened her eyes, she walk away, out from the crowd. No one noticed her since gazes were fixed on the king and queen of the event.

"Ok, just one last glimpse, then I'll be fine. Just a glimpse!" Bea whispered to herself and took another deep breath and squeezes her pinky finger to calm down a bit.

" You may now kiss the bride!" the priest declared.

As she look back, Austin and her bride kissed, causing the church to be filled with great joy and cheers.

'My Austin.' It was her wedding dream, supposedly her wedding day yet here she is, running away because she is not the girl he ended up with. Witnessing the glorious union of your man with his girlfriend/wife feels like being stabbed by a twelve inches knife, directly into the heart.

She ran as fast as she could, not sure where fate would bring her feet. She's in deep despair, that's what she knows. It's game over, they are now married. He married the woman he truly loves and she needed to move on and live like it's just nothing. He's happy now and so should she. But the question is how? All her life, she had already planned the sequence of how their lives should flow.

She keeps on running when suddenly, her sandal's heel broke causing her to stumble and fall to the ground.

"My sandal is being sympathetic,"

she stated and laugh bitterly. She takes off her sandals and caresses her barefoot to relax a bit. She has just felt the pain from running away by now, but it is nothing compared to how her heart is aching. Anyone who sees her at the moment would laugh at her state. She looked pathetic and stupid whilst wearing a bride's maid dress and crying in the middle of the street. She can't seem to get herself up. She's too tired and fragile to do so.

"Miss, there's a car,"

Someone shouted that caught her attention, bringing her back to reality. She look to her right side when she heard a  loud beep from a raging truck. 'Is this how it should end?' she thought. She closed her eyes, letting her tears flow, and waited until the car hits her. If this is how her story must end, she'll gladly accept it. She's tired of living in a cruel world anyway.

"Hey Beatriz, wake up!"

She opened her eyes when someone calls her name. Confusion was plastered on her face as she stare at the man beside her. He looks too bothered. Austin? What is he doing in my room? she asked herself puzzled. She looks around and she's sure that it's her room, She lifts herself and sat on the bed. She lifted her arms and check if there were any signs of bruises but she was totally fine.

Am I dead?

" Bii, you're having a nightmare!"

Austin speaks in a worried tone as he wipes his thumb on her right cheek. She's having heavy breathing and also soaked in wet as if she had run a race.

"Drink this water first, c'mon."

He offered her a bottle of water but she refused. Then she realized, it was all just a dream. A dream? Thank God!


Bea exclaimed with joy as she hugged him tightly. It's not real, It was just a nightmare.

"Oh Bii, it's okay, I'm here."

Austin whispered, assuring her as they embrace each other.

"Thank God, it's just a dream"

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