Chapter 1

"Austin, wake up! it's already eight, you'll be late for work."

Bea was about to leave for work 

when she finds Austin was still sound asleep in

bed. She gently shakes his shoulder to 

wake him up.


Austin answered in a groan. She tried to pull the blankets away from him, but he yanked them back.


She tried calling him once more as Austin acts a bit naughty.

Bea walked towards the bed and 

sat near him after putting on her

shoes. Austin encircled her waist with his left arm and rested his face on 

her lap.

They've been dating for 2 years and are now 2 months engage,  in spite of that, he still gives her the same effect as day one. She loves his touch, it had always been her safe place, her comfort zone.

"I want to rest more, I already resigned."

He said in a husky tone. What? Bea is confused, he never mentioned about him resigning at all.

"What? When?"

She held his left arm and tried to remove it from her waist, letting him face her.

"Did I not tell you? I applied to a bigger company."

He explained like it is nothing serious. It is not about being a nagger but Bea believes that she got the right to know beforehand. Like asking her opinion and the likes.

"You never told me."

She said with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

"I'm sorry, it had been too hectic at work and you are also busy with yours, so I decided to not tell you."

He explained but he's just actually torn between telling her about it or not. She doesn't need to know, he believes. She rolled her eyes and stand up. Well, Austin had always been complaining about his work. He can't get along with his workmates because they are jealous of him. His works are undeniably the best, and the higher-ups always praise him. They say he's too proud for his self.

"You told me, you applied. Where?"

She asked whilst busy looking for a comb in her bag.

"DV engineering company"

He said and laid down in bed.


She jumped in excitement. DV engineering, who would have not known about it? It is one of the best engineering companies. She is actually planning of consulting there when Austin and her will build their own house.

"When will you start?"

She asked. She's more excited for her fiancee. It is not a secret that it was Austin's dream to work there.

He won't sleep not until done with his plates way back in college, too eager to chase his dream.

"Tomorrow. I want to rest the whole day bii. Off to work now, you'll gonna be late"

She checked the time, it was already 8:45 and if she stays more, she'll be late. She smiled mischievously and walk towards the bed. She laid half of her body near Austin and kissed him on the lips.

"I can take a day off if you want."

She said in a seductive way. Austin just pushes her a bit and faces his back at her. She laughs, it's so hard seducing him.

"Go to work now"

He said.

"I'll count to three, you know I can reconsider if you want."

Bea says as she moves her fingers 

in his arms upside down, allowing

 him to feel the pleasure and be 


"One" she counted.

Austin got out of bed and sat next to her. He placed his hand on Bea's 

shoulder and turned her to face


"I haven't done counting to three and you already gave in?"

She whispered as she sat in his lap, encircled her hands in Austin's nape, attempting to tease him even further. Austin moves in close, caressing her waist, and passionately kisses her 


 sending chills down her spine. 

She tilted her head to allow him 

more access, but Austin halted her

 just as when she was about to gasp. He

 lifts her by holding him at her waist.

"Why'd you stop?"

She hissed. Austin ignored her and

carried her towards the door.


What the hell? He can't just do that and stop. He opened the door and lowered her outside properly.

"Off to work now, I want to rest."

He said and closed the door immediately. She's dumbfounded by his actions. All she thought was he gave in to her seduction yet Austin is a stone. He can't be moved she thought.

"Bye, I'll go home early later. Wait for me, I'll cook."

She shouted whilst smiling before going to the garage, believing that one day he will totally give in.

She wants to spend the day with him, cuddling. She giggled at that thought. Austin had always been gentle towards her that he never crossed the line, even if she did. He claims that he wants to do it after they marry since he admires her. They're the same age, and she's still baffled by Austin's

 ability to maintain his composure.

She can't wait to tie the knot with Austin. Whenever she asks him about their wedding, he will segue or avoid it and talk about something else.

"Gotta ask him again later"

she told herself.

After work, Bea decided to go for shopping groceries.

"What should I cook? Adobo? Igado? Mechado? Kare-kare?"

Too excited to cook for Austin.

"2, 035 pesos ma'am."

the cashier said.


Bea handed her debit card to the cashier. Whilst waiting for her card and groceries, she noticed that the girl kept on looking at her back- where lies a beautiful man.

"Mom, stop sending girls into my house!"

Evan hissed loudly to his mom on the other line. Her mom is jealous of her friends who already had their grandchildren, therefore, she had sent a lot of girls to seduce him.

An o formed in Bea's mouth as she accidentally heard their conversation. Out of boredom, she stepped back a bit and tried to gossip more.

"Your mom is not getting any younger, I want grandchildren!"

Bea's eyes widened. Guess this guy would be crossed out of the calendar soon, she thought and giggled.

"Whatever mom gotta go"

Evan hung up his phone. He tried all his best to persuade his mom to just let him enjoy life without babies. Evan is not ready for that stage of life, and he hasn't found the perfect woman to be the mother of his children.

"Babies are adorable."

Bea desires to have her own before she turns 28. It was believed that it is the best time to have babies, so that, she won't be too old when her child graduates from school. How can I bear a child when Austin is not participating whenever she tries to make love with him. Nothing happened, totally zero in terms of sex. Sometimes, she is doubting if Austin's gay. No, I'm sure he's not.


Bea gets back to reality when the guy he's gossiping to pokes her for attention.


Bea asked a bit annoyed.

"Instead of gossiping, can you please move so I can pay?"

Oh my? How did he know? Did she say it out loud? She took her card from the cashier and the bags of groceries she purchased. That was shameful, she self-preached.

Bea walked toward the parking lot when a motorcycle almost hit her causing her to fall to the ground with the groceries.

"Oh my god!"

She exclaimed as her groceries scattered on the floor. She tried picking it 

up when someone helped. Samaritans do exist she thought.

"Are you ok?"

"Do I look like ok to you?"

She asked annoyed without looking at the samaritan guy.


Evan murmured. He is trying to help yet she still acts grumpy. She faced him and realized it was the guy whom she was gossiping about a while ago.

The guy who almost hit Bea tried to escape, but the samaritan guy was able to warn the villain.

"You, don't move a bit. Don't you try to escape."

The motorcycle guy raised his two hands. A police car siren was heard.

"Officer, I didn't mean to hit her"

the villain explained.

"Wait, who called the police?"

Bea asked. Everything is an accident, maybe the guy didn't mean to hit her, Bea thinks. Plus, she's perfectly fine, just a tiny scratch on her palm.


Evan proudly said as he raises his right hand at Bea. She can't help but get annoyed. It's getting late and Austin must be waiting, she presented to cook for dinner this morning, remember?

"Miss, I'm really sorry, please don't send me to jail"

The villain pleaded.

"Officer, we're ok. I won't sue him, It's just an accident"

Bea tried persuading the policeman.

"Are you sure ma'am?"

"Yes," she answered abruptly.

"No! take him, officer."

Evan declared. What is his problem? He annoys the hell out of me. Bea glared at Evan.

"Who are you? Will you stop dwelling in my business? It is not a big deal. He didn't hit me and I am perfectly fine, no need to press charges."

The nerve of this woman to shout at me in public? Evan saw what exactly happened and he can't let the villain escape. Ignorance in this kind of matter causes the rise of crimes in the country.

"Yes, he didn't hit you because he just robbed you"

Evan explained. He was going out of the grocery store when he noticed the guy kept looking at Bea before driving his motorcycle.


Bea couldn't believe what she heard. Does she got robbed? She searched for her phone in her pants pocket but it is not there. She tried checking her bag and her phone is totally missing.

"Actually miss, there have been many reports of robbery in town these past few weeks. They will try to almost hit you with a car, and when you're busy picking up your things, they will snatch your things, without your knowledge."

the police officer explained.

Evan walks toward the villain and searches its jacket. He lifts her hands when he found it.

"That's my phone," Bea exclaimed.

"Let's just talk in the police station"

They ended up in the police station and filled out many forms.

"Why are you still here?"

Bea asked Evan.

"I am the witness."

He arrogantly uttered.

"Miss sorry, I didn't mean to rob you. I just really need money for my baby. Please don't send me to jail." the guy pleaded. She heaved a sigh.

"Albert! Albert! Where's my husband?"

A woman went inside the police station shouting whilst holding a baby.

"Albert!" She called out to the villain worriedly.

"I'm sorry."

The villain pleaded.

"Miss, please forgive my husband."

the woman pleaded almost kneeling.

" Our son needs to be hospitalized, that's why he had done it. I'm begging you, please. "

Bea looked at the baby, which seemed to be a year older. Who is she to take away his father at such a young age. She's also an orphan and she knows what it feels like to be alone.

"Ok, I won't sue. Just promise me not to do it ever again."

She declared. Disagreement was seen on Evan's face. Bea faced him with a questioning look causing him to look away. Why did he even help her when in fact, he could have just ignored her and gone home to rest.

"Swear to God ma'am, Thank you so much."

Bea saw a clock at the police station. Her eyes widened, it was already eight pm.

"Officer, Can I go home now?"

She offered to cook for dinner but was unable to do so due to the incident. She left the station after goodbyes. Bea is walking toward her car when she saw Evan riding his motorcycle and left without saying a word.

"He's too arrogant! Gotta thank him anyway if we met again."

Evan can't stop thinking about the woman a while ago. Is she single? Will there be a chance to meet her again? He slap her cheeks realizing what he was thinking.

"This is just out of sleep-deprived."

He convinced himself. He never looked at women ever since his break up with his first girlfriend way back in high school. That was too long ago but that leads him to have lost interest in girls. But there is something unusual with Bea that caught him.

Does love, at first sight, exist?

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