Chapter 2

Today is Sunday. Bea and Austin were supposed to

 be having lunch at a friend's house, Alphabette's. Austin, on the other hand, was unable to attend due to work obligations. It was his first 

week at DV company, but he spent all of his time at work. They handed me one of their big projects, so I have to give my best for this. Austin explained when she complained about him returning home late.

She pressed the doorbell located at the upper right side of the gate. Alphabette opened the gate and welcomed Bea with smiles.

"Bea! Come in."

Alphabette said signaling Bea to go inside.

"Alphabette! Hello, there baby."

Bea greeted her friend excitedly with her baby in its tummy. Alphabette is already in her 3rd trimester. Since college, they've been good friends.

"Where's Finn?"

Alphabette's husband. They kept chatting while heading their way inside the house.

"He's in the kitchen, preparing our food."

"You're alone?"

Alphabette asked.

She even looked back if Austin was left outside the gate.

"He'll try to come up, he went to work."


Alpha asked with doubt. Sunday is supposed to be for family day, bonding together. Life is not just about working and earning money, enjoy and seize moments with your loved ones as much as you can.


Bea answered a bit of questioning.

They headed into the kitchen and saw Finn wearing an apron and holding a ladle and a bowl.

"Hon, Bea's already here."

Alpha called her husband Finn.

"Hi, Finn."

Bea waved his hands at Finn who was busy putting the bowl of soup on the table.

"Where's Austin?"

Finn asked. What's new? Austin had always been busy with everything so most of the time, Bea would come alone to their get-togethers.

"Well, Bea told me, he went to work. Where is he working again?"

Alpha looked at Bea.

"DV Enginee-"

"Woah! One of the best engineering companies? Since when?"

Finn exclaimed, interrupting Bea in the middle of her sentence. Bea took a seat on the stool in front of her with her legs crossed whilst resting her elbows on top of the kitchen table.

"He started last week."

She said nonchalantly.

"Wait, I remember something, isn't owned by?"

Finn was about to say something 

when Alpha nudges her husband to stop.

"By who?"

What was that?  Bea couldn't help but be curious and smelled something fishy.

"Oh I remember, the food is about to get burned."

Finn went on the stove to check the food he is cooking which is far from being burned.

"Do you want juice or coffee?"

Alpha asked, attempting to change the topic. Bea has a nagging feeling that something bad is about to happen, but she has no idea what it is. Her gut tells her so. Plus her nightmare about Austin getting married to someone else still hunts her. It was just a nightmare but it feels otherwise.

"So have you already decided on the baby's name?"

Bea asked Alpha whilst eating their food. Finn's cooking skill is the best, as expected from a chef. No wonder Alpha bloated when they started dating each other.

"Well, I want to name him Finn Jr."

Finn suggested which made Alpha make a disgusting look. Bea laughs at Finn's statement.

"No! I can't let that happen! Never will I name my baby after your name. It's gross."

Alpha stated in disagreement. With the lovely couple, Bea can't help but feel jealous; Austin is always preoccupied with his career and has little time for her. If only Austin would fall for her seduction, she might be able to have her child.

"Finn Jr. is a great idea, I guess."

Bea joked around trying to tease Alpha more.

"Shut Up Beatriz, I am not asking for your opinion!"

Alpha retarded back annoyed which made Bea and Finn laugh hilariously.

"We are considering Franze or Billy. How 'bout you? We've been waiting for your wedding invitation."

Alpha's time to tease her back.

She never liked Austin for Bea, not even once. He doesn't love you, Bea! She said when they had a fight and asked for a friend's advance.

Bea slowly loses her smile with the sudden question. It had always been the same question she has for her fiancee to answer.

"We haven't talked about the date yet."

She said truthfully. And seems like Austin had no interest at all in marrying me, she wanted to add yet decided not to. Alpha is pregnant and she must not be stressed.

"What? Why? It's been 2 or 3 months I guess since your engagement?"

Alpha asked, oh god! She's pressuring Bea.


"Well I tried talking to him about it, but Austin had always been busy, especially now that he got a job at DV Company."

That's true, it had been just a week yet Austin seems to change a bit, or maybe, Bea's just overreacting.

"Are you two having fights?"

Finn asked in a serious tone giving Bea chills.

"We're fine! we're just both busy."

She answered and drank a glass of water to stop from spilling some tea.

Why are they such a nagger today? Bea pondered in her mind.


"Ok, if you say so"

Alpha answered half-believing with Bea's statement.

"You are both acting weird."

Bea hissed as she wipes her mouth with the napkin.

Bea was driving her way home when she came across a wedding boutique. Might as well check, she had nothing to do so she dropped by.

"Hello ma'am, welcome to Ellise Boutique."

A woman in her twenties welcomed her. Anna is written on her nameplate. She is wearing a sage green floral dress, and a three inches high stilettos.

"I'd like to look for a wedding dress."

It would have been best if Austin is with her. The date of their wedding has not been decided yet, but she just wants to have a look. It had always been her dream to walk down the aisle. Know how it feels like to wear a wedding gown, which is for sure magical like what she had watched in Disneyland fairytales on television.

"This way ma'am"

Anna instructed her way.

"Wow, they are all exquisite!"

She exclaimed in awe whilst examining the whole place.

She's confident that if she tries it on, she'd look totally amazing.

"These are just samples for you to try on."

Anna pointed at the gowns.

"Really? Can I try that gown?"

Bea pointed with excitement at the gown near her.

"Yeah, sure."

She chooses the tube-type gown to flaunt her collar bone. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. I look awesome in a wedding dress. Bea promised herself that once she became Austin's wife, she'll do anything to make him happy every day. She'll be a loving and kind wife that anyone would wish for.

"I can't wait to walk down the aisle wearing a wedding gown."

Bea went out of the dressing room and approach Anna.

"Miss, Can I take a picture wearing this? I'd like to show it to my fiancee."

Bea plans to send it to Austin and finally talk about their wedding. This time, she will not let Austin escape the topic. They are not getting any younger. It's time to tie the knot.

"I am not actually sure ma'am, I'll just ask my supervisor."

She agreed and took a peek inside the shop as she waits for Anna. It had a glass wall letting you see a mini-park outside. There is a tree and a bench underneath facing the shop. Bea saw something or someone, so she walk near the wall to have a better look. On one of the benches was a girl in a blue dress sitting and talking to someone on the phone.


Bea muttered her name. She's back?  Fear and anger filled her heart. No, it's not her! She tried convincing herself.

'I love you beyond measures Lauren! It had always been you in my heart. I promise that I will be a good and loving husband to you. No matter what happens, I will always be by your side.'

"No! I am just hallucinating."

Bea closed her eyes and tried to relax a bit yet just like a broken record, her nightmare keeps on playing nonstop in her head.

'I love you beyond measures Lauren! It had always been you in my heart. I promise that I will be a good and loving husband to you. No matter what happens, I will always be by your side.'

She opened her eyes wishing she had seen it wrong yet the girl in the blue dress who exactly looked like Lauren was still there.

"I must go there and check!"

Bea was about to leave the boutique when Anna came back.

"Maam, our supervisor already agreed for you to have a picture with the gown."

She realized she was wearing a wedding gown. She runs towards the dressing room and changes as fast as she can. She needs to check if she had seen it right. Bea stepped out of the boutique and check the benches where she had seen her but Lauren was nowhere to be found.

"Where did she go?"

She feels devastated. Bea can't give up so she ran to the right corridor, not sure if the person she was looking for was headed that way. She stopped and look around.

"There she is!"

She ran after the girl in a blue dress. She was about to get near Lauren, not actually sure if it was her when someone blocked her way.

"Hey, there grumpy girl. We met again."

She was going to ignore it when the stranger again blocked her pathway.

"Will you please stay out of the way mister!"

She hissed. It was the guy in the grocery store. Evan smiled and raises his two hands waving.


Evan promised that when he ever met her again, he won't let that chance slip away.

"It's you again?"

Bea walk passed him and looks for the girl in the blue dress yet she's nowhere to be found.

"I lost her!" She exclaimed. She's mad and disappointed.

"It's your fault!"

Bea pointed at Evan which made him take a back. Did I do something wrong? Evan feels sorry. When he saw Bea running, he felt thrilled. He's been looking for her ever since that day in the grocery store and who would have thought that they will meet each other again? Maybe, it's that thing called, fate!

"What the heck is your problem?"

She yelled in madness and pushed Evan a bit. Evan is puzzled, what did he do wrong that made the woman in front of him angry?

"Hey, will you stop? I'm sorry."

Evan is not even sure why he's apologizing but they are getting attention from the crowd.

Bea glared at him and walked away.

"Hey! Wait for me. Where are you going?"

Evan followed her.

"Don't follow me!"

She hissed. Instead of listening, Evan walked next to her not minding Bea being grumpy. Bea fixed her gaze on the ground. They are heading to the mini-park and sat where she saw Lauren was before.

"She's back!"

Bea said with a hint of panic in her voice.


Evan watched Bea as she pinch her pinky finger nonstop. What is she talking about that makes her frightened? he thought.

"Will you stop doing that? You are hurting yourself"

Evan reached for her hands and tried to stop her from pinching her pinky finger. As their hand's touched, Evan could feel the electricity, an invisible connection between them.

"Don't touch me!"

She ordered and move a little to have space between them. He apologized. Bea gazed at him a teary-eyed, there is something with this guy beside her that makes her feel safe and secure.

Evan was taken aback, not knowing what to do or say. All he knows is that he feels bad seeing her hurting. What made her sad?

"What's wrong?"

Evan asked.

"Can you please leave? I'd like to spend my time alone."

She pleaded. She needs him, Evan thought.

"I won't leave, just cry if you want. I won't ask anything, just let me stay here with you."

"I won't cry!"

They stayed in the mini-park in silence for hours. Bea needed this, a companion who would be there. Someone who would stay beside her without asking anything.


She told him her name. Bea stands up. She'd be lying if she says she didn't enjoy that moment with the stranger. Strangely, it feels like home beside him.


They were filled with silence when Bea suddenly talk.

"That's my name, Beatriz,"

she said and left Evan dumbfounded.

Beatriz. Her name is lovely as her face and personality. Evan may not know her but he is already sure that Beatriz has a pure heart.

"Wait, Beatriz!"

Evan chases after her and holds her arm for attention. They stared at each other's eyes. Connection. They may not be sure of it but there's a spark between the two of them.

"Can I take your number?"

He's nervous. Finally, he was able to ask for her number. It's been a while ever since he chases a woman. He is sure, she's the one for him. Evan took his phone from his pocket and handed it to Bea, asking for his number.

"Sorry, I am already engaged."

Shoot. His world crumbled! She's engaged? Evan hold a grip tighter to his phone, unable to speak or even moved his foot. He is like a flower from his mom's garden who withered too fast.

I thought I found the one! yet she is already about to tie the knot with someone else.

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