Chapter 3

Evan had lost interest in going out after his encounter with Bea. He just wants to be at home, in his room, doing nothing. His feeling isn't as strong as they could be, yet he feels hurt knowing that she's engaged.


Evan get up from bed when he heard his mom's voice outside her room.

"Evan, I know you're inside your room, open the door now."


He answered back. What again? He is not in the mood to fight with her mom about senseless things. Not now that he is being emo. Evan opened the door and let her mom inside the room.

"What are you doing in my house mom?"

He asked as his eyebrows curled up. Her mother walked straight to his

bed and sat down, whilst Evan

remained at the door's frame.

"I came here wishing to see the woman you are talking about last time I called you."

Her mom is talking about Bea. Oh, shoot! One time her mother sent another girl to her house, Evan got mad and told her that he already got a girlfriend.

"She's not here."

Evan got excited and boasted about Bea being his girlfriend, however, he didn't know she was already engaged at that time. That was shameful of me.

"I knew it, you're lying!"

Her mom stands up from bed and walks toward him.

"I knew it! You said you got a girlfriend so I'd stop sending girls in your house"

Her mom slaps his arm in dismay. Mrs. Olivia thought her wish would soon come true yet looks like Evan is not really into marriage or even has no plan of getting a wife at all. It's all my fault!

She had this feeling of disappointment not for her son but herself for stopping him from engaging in relationships when he is in high school.

"Mom, stop! Ouch!"

He said in protest as he nudges her mom's smacks. It's not his fault that the woman he was about to chase is already engaged.

"You are the one who told me not to have a girlfriend before mom."

He stared blankly at her mom. Mrs. Olivia feels guilty about her son's statement, she is for sure responsible for his singleness and she must not complain.

"That was a decade ago already because you are still in high school. You are young back then. Sorry, I shouldn't have restricted you."

Mrs. Olivia walks near his son and hugged him.

"And I'm still young by now mom,"

he said releasing from the hug.

"You are already twenty-seven Evan, that's not young. Three years from now, you'll be soon crossed out from the calendar."

He stepped out of the room and headed to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast as her mom keeps on nagging him.

"Don't you like Anna? She's beautiful and simple. She'll definitely pass your standards"

Mrs. Olivia added as she took a seat on a stool facing him.

"Who's Anna?"

He's not fond of girls unlike when he was a teenager. When you face maturity, you'll lose interest and just want to have a peaceful life. Fate would do the work he believes, yet cupid might need to check his eyes before releasing its arrows.

"Or Allayna, her family is a good friend of ours. She'd be a good wife to you."

"Mom, I'm just twenty-seven. Stop acting as if there's a race in getting married."

He tried to explain but her mom didn't listen. He placed the chocolate filling he got inside the fridge on top of the table.

"The house has felt empty since you and your sister left. I want to hold my grandchildren before I die. Couldn't you grant my wish, Evan?"

Her mom explained as if asking for candy. Oh god, my mom is crazy! That's for real.

"Mom, I am not a girl, I can't bear a child. Why don't you and dad make one instead?"

Evan's mother gave her another

smack on the arm. Ouch!

He would be able to grant his parent's wish only if Bea is not engaged. Urgh. Why did I meet her late? I should have met her earlier.

He shook his head a little to get those thoughts out of his mind and bit into his sandwich.

It's past midnight yet Bea is freezing in the cold outside their house. She's been messaging and calling Austin, but his phone has been left unattended.

"What if something happened to him?"

She also tried calling their friends but none of them knows where he went. Bea walks back and forth in front of their house door whilst pinching her pinky finger.

"No, he is fine, maybe his phone shut down, or maybe he got traffic on the way. Or maybe- gosh! Bea, stop thinking too much."

She placed her right palm on her forehead, tired and also worried about why Austin is not home yet.

"Hello Alpha? Is Austin at your house right now?"

She asked her friend Alpha hoping that Austin went there.

"Seriously Bea? This would be your fifth call in a minute."

Alpha complained as her sleep was interrupted due to her friend's call.

"Sorry Alpha, I am just really worried about him."

Bea listened to the other line but it seems like Alpha was already in deep dreams so she ended the call. She forgot that Alpha is pregnant, it would be bad for the baby to interrupt her again. Suddenly, a car stopped in front of her house. She hurriedly went outside thinking it was Austin, yet it is not a familiar car.

"Miss, is this Austin's house?"

A guy who drives the unfamiliar car asked. It is also the first time she saw that guy.

"Yes, why?"

The stranger went out of the car.

"I am Archer, I work at a bar and someone asks me to send him home. He's too drunk and can't drive, that's why."

Archer explained and slid the back seat door open. Bea hurriedly checked and discovered Austin sleeping, too drunk to even move.

Bea's eyebrows crook with her fiancee's appearance.

"Did you know whom he's with?"

Bea asked turning to face Archie then returning her gaze to his fiancee who's lying inside the car, wasted like a teenager who had his first break up in high school.

"I am not sure ma'am."

They both held Austin side by side and walk towards the house.

"He is too heavy! You move to the right side Archie" She instructed pointing to their room. Finally, they were able to lay him in bed.

"Thank you for sending him home."

She said whilst outside the gate, appreciating his effort of sending Austin home. Archer is a stranger but she's grateful for helping them out.

"You're welcome, ma'am."

Archer said politely as he walks towards his car and was about to leave.

"Archer, wait!"

Bea took her wallet and gave him a tip.

"That's for taking him home safely."

Bea never wants to be indebted to anyone.

"No, it's fine ma'am"

Archer refused.

"I insist"

She said and close the door immediately before he could even react.

"Why did you let yourself get wasted?"

Bea asked her drunk fiance as she wipes his face and body with a wet towel.

What if they already met? He started acting weird lately, plus Bea thought she saw Lauren.

Bea froze with her realization and fear crept into her body.

"No, impossible!"

She inhaled and tried wiping and cleansing Austin's arms again.

"Hmm" Austin groaned and sat in bed half asleep.


Shock by his sudden move.

He grabbed Bea by the shoulders and kissed her on the lips in a harsh way. She was caught off guard by his sudden wildness.

"Wait! Austin, stop!"

Austin grabbed her hair, inflicting pain on her. He's mad and Bea has no idea why.

"This is what you want right?"

Austin said angrily. She was caught off guard.

With all her might, she was able to push Austin away from her.

"What's your problem?"

She yelled. Austin laid down in bed and sleeps immediately out of drunkness like nothing happened.

"What did just happen?"

Bea massaged her arm which he gripped tightly a while ago. It also left a little bruise. It was the first time she saw Austin acts that way. He had always been gentle and calm towards her. He had changed, and she's not sure what caused him to do so. One thing she's sure about, a storm is coming and will take everything from her. She's scared.

Bea got up early the next morning and went to the drugstore to get hangover medicine.

"Hello, do you have medicine for hangovers?"

Bea asked the pharmacist.

"We have ma'am. How many would you take?"

"Five pieces would do."

"Right away ma'am."

Bea paid and stepped out of the pharmacy. She was walking along when she came upon a familiar face.

"hey!" He called on him. But the guy seems to be busy with his phone.

"Where are you? I'm already here."

Bea heard him talk with someone on the phone, looks like waiting for someone.

"Ok, make it fast. I don't want to wait,"

Bea stayed in silence waiting for him to notice her presence. Evan hunged up and felt someone's presence at his side. He got surprised to see Bea.


Bea greeted her. Evan is not prepared, he's not expecting to meet her.

"Uhm, hi?"

Evan greeted her back. What should he say?

"What are you doing here?"

Bea tried to make conversation but Evan looks aloof avoiding eye contact.

"I am waiting for a friend, he lives nearby. How 'bout you?"

"I live nearby too."

She said as she points the way toward their house. It was nice seeing him again.

"Uhuh" Evan answered not knowing what to say next. Silence reigned in their midst but their hearts seems to be communicating.

Should I ask how is she? or pretend like she's nothing, that I am not that excited to see her? Might as well keep myself busy with the phone. Evan tried his best to breathe properly or Bea would hear his heart pounding too fast.

Bea wants to have more conversations with him. She feels safe in his presence. He got this aura that's attracting her. Should I leave now or wait until his companion comes? We met several times already, should I ask his name? I told him my name before.


They both chuckled when both of them talked at the same time. Another silence filled them.

Ask him now Bea! Her guts telling her so. She inhaled deeply, putting up the courage to ask his name.

"We've been-"


Bea was interrupted in the middle of her sentence when a guy shouted. They both look at the guy approaching them.

"I'm sorry I have to go."

Evan left immediately, not letting Bea continue her talk. He's nervous, that's for sure.

"What took you so long?"

He said trying to sermon his friend, Simon. Is fate playing with him? It is already a losing game and all he needs to do is back out. Yet his heart is being stubborn. Each day, he can't stop thinking about her. He then remembers Bea is holding a plastic bag from a drugstore a while ago. Is she sick?

So, Evan is his name? It suits him. Seeing him made her day. She went home and cooks porridge for her fiance. She can't stop smiling while cutting the onions, reminiscing her encounter with Evan just a moment ago. She looks like a high school teenager who's in love. She giggled with that thought.

"Good morning."

Austin greeted her and sat down on the kitchen stool. She was caught off guard and her smile faded. What was I thinking? She feels guilty.

"How are you feeling? Stay put and wait for me to finish this."

Austin nodded without saying a word. It would have been cooked if only she'd just gone home straight from the pharmacy. Austin remained still whilst observing her action. She could feel his stares, and the silence gave her more chills.

"Eat this for your hangover"

Bea kept herself busy, not glancing at Austin. She's mad, at the same time scared.

"Take this med after you eat."

She instructed and was about to leave when Austin reached for her hand.

"I'm sorry."

For what? She wants to ask back but she faced him and smiled. She desperately wishes she could ask him where he went last night, why he didn't send a message and why he drank too much alcohol.

"It's fine, eat now, I have to clean the room first."

Bea said and let go of Austin's hand.

She's scared. Her gut tells her not to make it a big deal or she'll lose Austin. She can't bear that to happen. Austin is all she has, he's her life.

If her silence could make their relationship last longer, she will do that and let go of pride. Isn't that how love should be?

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