Chapter 5

After hours of traveling, Evan finally arrived at his destination, a private island. There are no public boats available to go on that island, making it difficult to travel.

"I would like to take this project." Evan pointed out.

"Are you sure Evan?"

His father asked, a bit confused by his sudden suggestion.

"I want to take it."

Weeks have been too hectic lately and when he saw a picture of the island whilst going through the pending projects, he got the urge to take it. Work on it.

"The location is not advisable for you to work on. There are no ships or boats all the way there."

His father said as he took away the papers in his hands. That's solely the reason why he chooses this project, he wants to go somewhere far away.

"I am no longer a child Dad! And also, I can borrow my friend's ship to send me there."

Referring to his friend Simon who owns a small boat. He'd better call him later to ask.

"We have a lot of pending projects to choose from Architect Evan. Plus, no one could accompany you, if you go there. It is a secluded area."

His father stated with finality in his voice whilst waving the papers in front of him. Evan could see through his father's face that he won't agree with whatever he says, but he only needs to negotiate with him more. Persuade him! A small voice shouts in his head.

"Just a month. Give me a month to stay there. Or three weeks. No, just a week. A week would do."

His father stared at him blankly, trying to read what his son is thinking.

'Why is this young adult wants to go to a secluded island?' his father can't help but think about what's wrong with his son, acting weird lately.

"Oh, c'mon Dad!"

Bea stepped out of the boat and removed her hat. The fresh wind blows, caressing her bare face. Inhaling clean air with zero pollution.


This is what she's been longing for, a place to hide. A place that relaxes your soul. Bea's in euphoria whilst observing the place. It had white sand and the saltwater is clear as crystal. You could literally see what's underneath it. Plus the waves are calm.

"Hmm, I wanna stay here forever."

She declared with her arms wide open and eyes closed, feeling the wind's embrace. She swayed a bit letting her summer dress flow with the breeze. Not actually bothered with its coldness.

She took out the map from her backpack, which a friend had given her.

"How should I read this?"

Too excited to step out of the boat and enjoy the beauty of nature that she forgot to ask the boat's captain for direction. Bea gazes at the vast ocean hoping to see the boat yet it already has come far. Sheez!

"What am I gonna do? Where should I start? Where is their mansion located?"

She hissed in panic.

Hours had passed yet Bea can't understand what was written on the map. Cristal, who recommended the place told her that when she reaches the island, she'll look for a mansion in the middle of the mountain. She looked for a signal and tried calling Cristal but then, it is an island, gadgets have no use.

"I'd better start walking now."

Bea started walking not quite sure if she got the direction right.

"Isn't this the tree I've seen a while ago?"

She pointed at the tree, confused.

Three hours had passed yet Bea can't seem to find the mansion. The place is getting dark and she's scared.

What if a ghost suddenly shows up? She had goosebumps.

She's lost. It is also a deserted island, therefore, she can't call for help.

At night, you'll hear a voice of a child, crying and asking for help. Cristal joked before giving her the key. She doesn't believe in ghosts. They don't exist, those are just overrated stories to scare children.

"Oh, I regret coming here now."

She complained as she drank a bottle of water and rest underneath a big tree.

Bird's tweet and whooshing of trees had been heard. Away from the noise, away from stress and heartaches.

She took a step to continue her journey when suddenly she froze. There's a snake, a cobra to be exactly right in front of her! She's scared, causing her to tremble and excrete more sweat.

"Please, stay away from me."

She pleaded as she holds her breath and eyes tightly closed. She tried her best not to move. People say that when you encounter a snake, all you have to do is to stay still. Unnecessary movements might only attract the deadly creature.

Why is life too cruel to me? She complains silently. All she wanted was to find peace for her weary soul. She wanted to breathe as she tries to pick herself up again. She came here to find herself not to be bitten by a poisonous snake.

The place is filled with silence, Maybe the snake is already gone! She slightly opened her right eye to check if the cobra is still there.

"It's still there, sheez!"

She exclaimed and closed her eyes once more. This moment would be the most terrifying experience she has ever had. First, she got lost on this secluded island. Second, she came across a raging cobra, ready to make her a dessert. What's next? Ma, help!

"Have mercy on me handsome snake. Promise I'd be a good girl."

She pleaded as if the snake would understand whatever she was saying.

Why is the snake didn't bit me yet? Isn't snakes suppose to produce an 'sss' sound? Then why is it too quiet in here?

She slightly opened her eyes and take a closer look at the deadly animal.

"Oh my god, Bea! How stupid could you be?"

She exclaimed to herself, laughing after finding out that it is not a snake. She breathed out, her knees became jelly, and let herself slum in the ground.

"All I thought you're a snake, yet you are just a petiole of the coconut leaves? I've been scared for nothing."

She picked up the petiole and look closely at it. It had a shape that resembles a cobra's head. She then throws it away. She inhaled deeply and exhaled. Using her palm, she dried her sweats.

"I'm so stupid! Haha."

She laugh at herself, thinking how stupid she was a moment ago.

Bea continued her journey, she was tired and her knees are getting weaker, she could feel she will faint anytime. Just as when she's about to surrender, she got a peek of the mansion.


She walked at a faster pace, giving all her best or she'll faint on the way. Outside the mansion was a terrace, she laid herself on the bench she saw and everything turned black.

Evan woke up in the middle of the night. He's still not used to the place, the reason why he can't have a good sleep. He fell asleep after cleaning the whole room so he had no time to make dinner.

"Gotta cook."

He went downstairs with a flashlight to lit his way. There's no current in the entire mansion since everyone abandoned it.  Suddenly  Evan heard a woman crying and sobbing. He stopped midway and focused on the sound he heard. Is it a ghost? Goosebumps. They say ghosts come out in the middle of the night.

Who would it be if it isn't a ghost? Evan is the only person in the mansion and it would take 4 hours away before you found a village located on a nearby island.

"Please no!!"

The woman continued sobbing.

Evan doesn't believe in ghosts, or maybe he can reconsider. The sound is coming outside the main door he guesses, So he walks slowly towards it, with his heart pounding too fast. He took a deep breath before opening the door slightly. He was like the protagonist of one of the horror movies he had watched, with a melancholic, scary, and eerie music background.


It was as if she was begging for something. It had been left empty ever since the owner's wife died five years ago, her sister shared when he is packing his things.

He successfully opened the door and pointed out his flashlight. A woman's face suddenly popped up.


They both screamed and run as fast as they could. Evan went back to his room caught his breath and locked the door.

"That was terrifying! Did I just see what they call a white lady?" He exclaimed. He laid himself, facing the bed, and covered his whole body with a blanket.

"I should've listened to my Dad!"

Whilst Bea, on the other hand, had nowhere to run to, but to hide underneath the bench she had laid herself to a while ago.

'As early as the morning come, I am going back' she promised herself.

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