Chapter 6

As the daylight breaks, Evan hurriedly packed his things, already decided to leave the island. For him ghosts are superficial but due to the incident last night, it's appropriate to leave.

"The owner's wife jumps off from the rooftop. It was believed that her spirits linger around the house."

He could hear her sister talking in his head. He didn't care, all he wants was to travel away from the noise and find peace yet he can't deny the fact that he somehow feels the uneasiness in the mansion.

He carried his backpack and stepped out of the room quietly. He walks down the stairs as quietly as he could or he might attract a bad spirit with just a bit of sound. Holding his breath, motioning to open the main door, he looks around to see if there is someone outside yet he sees none. He let go of his breath and stepped outside. After locking the door, he suddenly froze when he heard someone whimper.


It was like a woman who's having a hard time, crying and was like asking for help.

'Is it the wife her sister is talking about?'

He felt Goosebumps all over his body as his grip on the doorknob tightened.

'Jesus, a beautiful savior, God of all majesty, risen, King.'

He kept singing a melody in his mind to distract himself from the eerie feeling. He tried to move whilst singing worship songs when suddenly a hand grabbed his feet.


He shouted at top of his lungs as he stumbled to the ground with his eyes closed.


He heard a woman's voice. He took a peep and saw a woman lying palely on the ground, then afterward realize that it is not a ghost, rather it is Bea.

Shocked was evident on Evan's face.

"Oh shoot! Evan, you are hallucinating."

He murmured.


The woman groaned as if in pain. He observed her intently. He rubbed his eyes to make sure he sees it right.

Still puzzled, he composed himself and draws near her.


Is it really her?

"No, I can't, please."

She talks whilst her eyes are closed.

He motioned himself closer to hear what she was saying.

"Are you having nightmares?"

He tried touching her face.

"You are burning."

Without further ado, he carried Bea bridal style and went back inside the house.

Bea is walking in an empty long hall.

"Where am I?" Asking herself whilst looking for something around every corner.

"How did I get here?" It is an unfamiliar place, and its emptiness gives her an eerie feeling. She never wanted to be alone, especially at a long allay.

She tried recalling how she ended up there, but her brain is not working.  She walks forth and then saw a door on her right side. She looks up and saw a sign that says section A. She slowly opened the door and took a peek inside. It is a room filled with students, her classmates way back in junior high.


She went inside and talk but no one seems to hear her. She even waved her hands in front of her classmate's face yet it did not react at all.

"Can't you hear me? Hello?" She tried once more when someone opened the door. Bea gazed in front of the door and saw herself smiling whilst holding a medium size french fries and a cup of juice. Beside her was Austin holding the same snacks. Bea followed her high school self as it took a sit in their designated seat.

"These fries are the best!" She said as she ate a handful of french fries.

"Eat slowly Bea, you'll choke yourself," Austin said as he wipes his thumb on the corner of Bea's lips. She watched herself nod and smile at Austin, feeling overwhelmed and giggling with Austin's simple gestures.

"Say ah," Bea offered to feed Austin with a piece of french fries. Austin opened her mouth and ate it.

"Boo! Respect the singles please!"

One of their classmates teased. Bea got offended and felt ashamed so she sat properly and ate her fries silently.

Bea can't help but be teary-eyed whilst watching her high school self. And at the same time giggling.

"Did you make your assignment in math?"

Austin asked after slurping his juice.

"Oh my god! I forgot to do it." Bea panicked as she opened her bag and took out her notebook in math.

"It's ok, you can just copy mine," Austin said as he flipped her notebook and handed it to her.

"You are a life savior Austin. That's why I like you."

She said excitedly. She stopped after realizing her statement. Oh, shoot! It slipped!

She observed Austin's reaction but to her dismay, he acts normal.

"Copy now, the class will start soon."

Whilst copying his answers, Austin would feed her fries one at a time.

Instead of focusing on the butterflies having a party in her stomach, she focused on copying or the teacher might catch her.

Bea laughs whilst watching her high school self, always relying upon her seatmate/friend, Austin. While her old self is busy copying, she gazes at Austin who is looking intently outside the room's window. She turned her gaze facing the window Austin is looking at and saw a girl pass by, her face is a bit blurry so she can't tell who it was but she was certain that it is a girl. She gazes back at Austin and saw how he blushed. Austin went outside the room and left Bea who was busy with the assignment. She followed him having no idea where he is going.

Austin went just outside of their classroom and stands at the hallway's railing, watching the students walking.

"Who are you looking at?"

She asked as she stands beside him. She saw how her lips curves into a smile whilst watching the crowd.

"Why are you smiling?" She turned to face Austin when suddenly he jumped off the railings.


Bea got up from the bed. She breathes heavily as if she run for a mile. She could feel pain in her head as if it will break.

"Are you ok?"

A guy went near her and pat her forehead with a towel. Her eyes are a bit blurry so she can't tell who it was.

"Who are you?"

She asked as she dodged his movements.

"Drink medicine first and lie down." The unfamiliar guy said as he offers a glass of water. Bea shakes her head in disapproval and moves a bit away from the unfamiliar guy.

Her vision might be a bit shaky, but she is sure that it is not Austin. She closed her eyes trying to ease her headache.

"C'mon drink this so you'll get better.".Bea took the medicine from his hands and drinks it. Not sure if it was real medicine. She just wants to ease the pain she's feeling. She lay down and tried to massage her temple when someone hold her hands.

"Let me."

She feels too tired so he let that stranger guy massage her temple as she went to sleep again.

"What are you dreaming about that even made you cry while sleeping?"

Evan asked Bea who was soundly asleep again after massaging her temple. He had been taking care of her the whole day.

Evan took a bowl and filled it with the porridge he had cooked and brought it to his room, where Bea is.

"I am sure that after tasting this porridge, she'll get better."

Austin said to himself as she placed the bowl at the bedside table. He sweated a lot when he cooked so he walks towards the wooden cabinet and took a t-shirt. He took off his shirt and was about to dress up when suddenly a pillow hit his back.

"Who are you?"

Bea asked raging in fear. He walks near her but Bea took the spoon to the bedside table and throws it at him, he wasn't able to dodge it so it hits his forehead.


This is not what he expected Bea would do. He tried to walk near her but was stopped when Bea took the lamp she got from the bedside table. Getting ready to hit him without thinking twice.


He gestured his hands to stop her from what she was about to do.

"Wait, Bea. It's me!"

He said in a calm voice.


She called his name after realizing who was in front of her.

Bea thought someone kidnapped her. She was woken up by the sound of the cabinet's door. She then saw a guy topless and all that came to her mind was a rapist or a kidnapper. She felt sorry and ashamed of what she had done.

"Oh my god! I'm sorry."

Bea went down off the bed and ran towards Evan and check his forehead which had been hit by the spoon.

"You're aggressive!"

Evan hissed and massaged his forehead. Bea felt ashamed so she went back to bed and sat. She focused her eyes on her hands as she pinched her pinky fingers.

'Did I hit it hard?' She feels sorry. She didn't mean to hit him.

"I'm sorry, I thought you were a rapist."


He exclaimed in disbelief. A rapist? Seriously? For the first time in history, someone mistook him for a rapist and it is so unacceptable. He is not horny enough to rape someone. Plus, he had a greater risk of being raped because he is someone a girl lusts after.

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