Chapter 7

Bea planned on spending her time on the island alone when she left. It never occurred to her that she might meet Evan here. Evan of all people, why does it have to be him? The world's indeed small.

She keep pinching her pinky finger, realizing what he had done. She just threw a spoon at Evan. She can't forget how his face darkened when he exited the room.

"Oh god, Bea!"

She blurted out in annoyance to herself.

"It is unintentional, it is just an act of adrenaline rush."

She tried consoling herself.

She straightened her back when the door opened and saw Evan with a blank face. In his right hand is a new spoon.

'Is he mad?'

For a short while, their gazes locked, but Bea averted her gaze. Her heart is racing too fast. She can't focus on what to do next.

She watched him walk near the table and took the bowl of porridge.

"Eat this."

He handed her the bowl.


"I cooked this for you. C'mon, let me feed you."

He said in a monotone. Evan sat next to her and took a spoonful of food and
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