Chapter 8

Evan is busy observing and studying the whole structure of the mansion from the outside. It gives an aura of the history when the country had been seized by the Spaniards. The entire structure is beautifully-designed. It had many arches and curves dominating aesthetics. They also used a terracotta roof tiles. Though, some part of it was already damaged since no one is taking care of it to maintain its beauty. Evan lists down everything he observed for the renovation, planning to make it a bit modern without removing its Spanish look.


He faced Bea who is walking toward him.

She was dressed in a white t-shirt with a 'vote for congresswoman Salazar's embossed on it and a shaded circle with a number seven on its side. She tucked it into her high-waisted denim shorts, flaunting its long and smooth legs. Not even a single scar can be seen. Her shoulder-length loose hair is hung behind her right ear.

"Are you campaigning?"

He asks suppressing his laughter.


Her eyebrows wrink
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