Chapter 9

It seems like Evan can't focus on drawing. He had been playing with the pencil in his hands for hours and thinking of what to draw yet the paper is still blank.

Being an architect had always been his all-time dream, he enjoys making his ideas into reality. Well, he came from a family of architects and engineers, and no doubt he always tops in school. His mom is an architect whilst his father is an engineer, such a perfect couple, isn't it? Her sister is an engineer as well.


He continued to play with the pencil in his hands and tried to focus yet his mind is filled with Bea's angelic face.

Evan got out of his room and went straight to the right corridor. In the end, you'll see shelves of books. A button to open the door is located at the very edge of the bookshelves. He rotated it and heard a click, indicating that it was successfully opened. When he walked in, he was greeted by an empty room. A grand piano draped in white cloth sits in the center.

Spider webs are scattered
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