Chapter 38

For Bea, an arranged marriage is just like a fairy tale seen in movies; she had no idea that this practice was still prevalent today. She had been staying with Anna in her condo for days on end. She won't let her depart from her side.

"Why are men so stupid, Bea? I have already told Simon, clearly as crystal, to quit fantasizing about getting me back in his life. Yet, why does he still keeps on sending me flowers?"

Anna grumbled while holding another bouquet from a delivery guy.

"Can't you still not forgive him?"

"Hmp, where did he get his luck?"

Bea shook her head in disbelief while hearing Anna retorted proudly, yet her expressions said otherwise.

It was clear to her that Anna loves Simon too, no matter how hard she tries to push the guy away. But Anna seemed to like being chased.

"Wait, this is for you."

Anna handed her the bouquet of flowers. Bea took it with a perplexed expression.

"Maybe he already got tired of chasing after me, Bea. Simon no longer loves me. What should I do?"
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