Chapter 39

Bea fixes her gaze on Evan's face as he slumbers peacefully in bed. She laughed as she traced her index finger from his kissable, soft lips to his sharp nose. Bea blushed as vivid images of their first intimate moment filled her head.


With his eyes still closed, Evan grabbed her hands and embraced Bea in his arms. Bea kissed him on the cheek . In response, Evan jumped on top of her right away. They are utterly enamoured with themselves.


Evan's mom shouted as she immediately closed Evan's room door loudly, shocked by what she just witnessed. She walks downstairs, almost running, still unable to process if what she saw was right.

Her son is now a man! All she thought was Evan is a hopeless romantic guy, yet turns out she's wrong. Mrs. Olivia gulped a glass of water and fanned herself with her hand while grinning from ear to ear. They were fortunately covered in blankets, so she didn't see much.

"Who's that?"

Bea questioned in terror as she hid under th
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