Chapter 40

Bea searched her phone with her eyes closed while lying on the bed, still half asleep.

"Hey, Bea! Where are you?"

The person on the other line said, as soon as she answered the call.


She had a very good sleep, still not wanting to get up from bed. She dreamed of her and Evan marrying inside a church. A lot of people are giving them congratulatory gifts. A dream she wouldn't like to be woken up from.

"Don't tell me you're still sleeping, Bea!"

Bea opened her eyes widely when she finally recognized whose voice it was.

"Anna? Oh, geez!"

She sat on the bed and slapped her forehead. How could she forget what day it is?

"Be sure to be here, 30 minutes."

Anna said sternly.

"Yes! Sure, bye!"

Bea ended the call.

"Good morning!"

Evan kissed the side of Bea's lips while fixing his own tie. Bea lifts her head and her brows furrowed pon seeing Evan fully dressed and ready to go.

"Evan! Why didn't you wake me up?"

She hissed.

"I was about to but you're sleeping too soundly. I dare not
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