Chapter 41

"Hi, Mom, Dad! Guess what? I came with someone today. Meet my fiancee, Evan."

Evan gazes at the two tombstones in front of them and places the bouquet they bought. They prayed silently for Bea's parents' soulsparents souls as tribute and respect.

"Do sit down."

Bea said and tapped the space on her side after sitting down on the grass. Evan obliged.

"What's with your silence, Evan?"

Bea asked when she noticed Evan being too quiet ever since they came to the cemetery to visit her parents. It's so unlike him, as he would usually talk to her about random things.

"I was thinking how you managed to survive. Alone."

He said and stared into her eyes. He feels somehow pity for her but at the same time salutes Bea for being a brave girl.

"Hmm? It's not that easy for me. They were taken from me so suddenly, it was so hard for me to cope up."

"My poor baby,"

he commented, then putputs his arm around her shoulders, and Bea restedrests her head on his shoulder.

"Don't pity me,"

she warned joking
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