Chapter 42


Evan stood up right away from his seat as soon as Bea went out of her room, after locking herself in for days now. Giving him the silent treatment.

Well, they did talk about the issue the day after that night. Bea said that she forgives Evan, and that she understands everything, but then afterward, decided to act as if he's not around. God knows how much Evan misses her even though they see each other every single day. They live under the same roof though. Yet Bea treats him like he's simply a wind, unseen.

"Are you going somewhere?"

He asked. Bea made no attempt to even look his way for a moment.

"Bea! I am asking where are you going?"

He repeated his question, a bit louder than the first.


She answered plainly as she puts her sandals on.


Even though Evan knew already that Bea isn't going to answer his question, he still asked it.

"Where you're not around."

She said and exited the condo. Evan had no choice but to sigh. This kind of setup is slowly killing Ev
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