Chapter 43

"Wow, what is this place?"

Evan asked in awe as he roamed his eyes around the garden. Both of them are surrounded by beautiful flowers. It was endless.

"I call it paradise."

Bea responded as she sat on the grass. Evan was mesmerized by the beauty of nature. He never knew there was a place like this that existed.

"How did you know about this place?"

He asked and sat beside her.

"Hmm, I just know."

She responded. Evan turned and saw a piano nearby.

"There's a piano!"

He exclaimed happily. Indeed a paradise, he thought.

"Wanna play it?"

Evan nodded excitedly and immediately went in front of the piano. He pressed a tile and was delighted when it created a sound.

Bea drew near beside him and started to hum a song. Evan followed her with the melody, with the beauty of nature being with them. They both look happy together. No pain. No tears. It was such a dream he wouldn't want to be woken up from. This is just too perfect. Evan gazed at Bea who was singing, too innocently. He smiled at h
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