Chapter 44

People say that love conquers all. It is that powerful. But what does it mean? When can you say that it's already love? True love, to be exact.

Is it when your heart suddenly started to race, and everything around you slowed down as your eyes met? And then you see sparks around, like the most cliche scenes being portrayed in dramas? How do we really define it? However a person defines, or sees love, which may be different from others, as one thing for sure; love is a natural thing that just comes without you being aware of. It is not just a mere feeling, but more beyond that. It is a vast profound matter that if we interpret wrong, it could lead us to destruction. It could ruin everything, like a domino.

Therefore, we come to a conclusion and ask ourselves; How should we love, then? When do we have to hold on and let go? Yet, whatever it is, come what may.

When Bea left Evan to find her soul, Evan had a hard time coping up. He keeps on blaming himself, asking almost every single da
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