Chapter 45

Evan was in the middle of his paperwork when the rain started to pour. He stood from his seat and went to his window and gazed as the water dropped to the ground. The sound of it somehow relaxes his nerves. It's soothing, but at the same time reminds him of the past. Bea. There's no single day he never thinks of her. When she left him, it was like everything he had also fallen. It feels like he has lost everything. Each day, he would wake up late, and try to be productive as he could be before, but he can no longer be the same Evan as he could be before he met Bea.

"She would have been playing around like a child under the rain if she was here."

He mumbled to himself, reminiscing the times Bea adores the raindrops. And just like how we can not predict when the rain stops, was like his longing for his love to come home. He knows deep within his heart that no matter how long he'll wait, Bea will definitely go home. Even without assurance, he knows it by heart. One day their path will cr
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