Rejection and Marriage
Rejection and Marriage
Author: Julie


Violet's POV

"Let me go at once!"

I said as I look at the group of bullies who pushed me into a dark room. It wasn't dark per say but the dimly lit candles were not aiding my vision either. I tried to stay calm and keep my head high as I was staring at the bullies at intervals. I can't make it known that I'm scared because I wasn't taught fear but was taught to be feared, I'm the beta's daughter anyway. I can see that my confidence was intimidating them, because those ugly smirks weren't on their lips anymore.

" you are quite fearless", a tall brunette girl said to me. I'm trying as hard as I can to stop myself from digging my nails into her flesh. That's Felicia, Jake's one and only. They are dating I hear.

"If this is about staying away from Jake you have absolutely nothing to worry about as I have no interest what so ever in that man whore" I replied. Felicia looked at me suspiciously as she pointed her long nicely painted nails to my face; "this is the last time I'm warning you stay away from him unless you want to be humiliated again".

She always does this: reminding me of the worst day of my life. Rows of laughter brought me back to reality as I hear murmurs of mockery towards me. "Are we done?" I asked as I try to hide what-so-ever emotion that might make me look weak.

That incident still hurts you know. I folded my hands beneath my breasts; "I'm over that shit" I say to them as I walked out of the room. Our business is finished. Felicia has passed her thoughts to me.

I kind of pity her you know, the kind of pity that tells someone I've been there before.

"Did they do anything bad to you" Kimberly asks with that I'm going to kill them look. Kimberly is my best friend.

"You know I won't let that happen" I sighed as I collected a juice from the tray a waiter passed by with. I'm at a party my pack's holding. I forgot to say I'm a she wolf.

Even though we live with humans because of an incident that happened nine years ago, we still honour our tradition. The alpha of our pack built a pack house in the outskirts of the city, away from the humans, and this is where the party is been held in right now.

This is to help young wolves find their mate. No much activities needed to be carried out as we just walk around and wait for the moon goddess to pair us with our mate. Legend says you know right away once you've found the one. Words can't explain my excitement right now. I'm finally not going to be alone, someone is finally going to be mine and mine alone.

(I'm an outcast in the pack. Every one avoids me because the alpha son hates me. I don't blame them though, no one wants to get in his bad books and thus I'm always avoided by my peers whenever the pack meets even though we seldom do. That's why I'm always grateful to Kimberly; without her I might have been driven into severe depression )

I didn't need anyone to tell me Jake was my mate as my wolf jumped with joy and the word mate kept echoing at the back of my head. How is this possible I whispered clearly dumbstruck. Sooner than I expected, I found myself home. I walked on my toes to avoid making any noise; I didn't want anyone asking why I'm back so early. Jake's back was facing me at the dining hall so I'm sure he didn't see me, but I'm sure he sensed my presence. The mate bond does that.

~I wanna come home to roses, and dirty little notes and post-its….~ Like my father by Jax; my ringtone.

My phone screen flashed as my ringtone rang out. I don't really answer unknown callers and I'm not sure what compelled me to answer this particular call but I did.

"Let's meet up", a cold voice was heard as soon as I picked the call,

"Suns and moon café, ten o'clock, I don't accommodate lateness" and the call was cut off from the other line. I could recognize that voice from anywhere. He wanted to meet up.

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