Jake POV

"I Jake Aloysius reject you Violet Blaze as my mate".

Violet looked at me in shock as I let those words flow out of my mouth. I was waiting for her to say something but she kept silent. Not the usual Violet.

The meeting ended soon just like I wanted but I still felt empty. My wolf, Zion, was really upset that I let my mate go but what can I do. I can't possibly betray her. Emily. I let my train of thoughts wander again as I hit the brake pedal waiting for the traffic light to give the go signal.



Emily finished counting as she sets off to find us. We all hid in various different areas in the forest as we anticipate who Emily is going to find first. No one wanted to be caught so we kept quiet, too quiet that when Emily shouted "I caught you" it echoed round the forest. "I'm always the first to be caught" Thomas said as he came out from the back of the tree he was hiding at. "You always choose the wrong places to hide and you ask why" Emily said with a chuckle. "Since I've been caught I'll make sure you are all caught as well" Thomas said as he scrabbled around the forest looking for the remaining of us, Emily joined as well. Emily I've found Kimberly, Thomas said as he removed the huge leaves covering Kimberly. Kimberly came out and joined the search and soon we were all found. Laughter filled the air as we argued on whose hiding place the best was. We never got our answer because none of us will ever give in, including Thomas the worst hider.

"Food is ready" we heard our parents say and we all ran out to the entrance of the forest where our pack resides. Hide and seek; our go to game. I had so much fun today.

Beep beep

The honking of different cars brought me back to the present as I saw the once red light now green; another trip down the memory lane.

 I ignited my car engine and set off to the only destination I could think of, the club.

 I entered the club without the bouncers needing to confirm my identity, I'm the alpha's son; no one dares discomfort me. This is the club of the crescent moon pack. it was created to make us feel at home, we werewolves have our innate characteristics and there is a chance of a war starting if humans pisses us off. We feel superior. That's another story. Despite the fact that our pack has been destroyed, my father, the alpha has taken it upon himself to make us comfortable wherever we are. It was that same incident that took Emily away from me.

 I began downing the strongest alcohol in large successions as memories of our childhood haunts me down. Violet. I remember crushing on her so bad to the point I couldn't meet her eyes, but now she seemed to be the person I detest the most. After everything she had done to Emily, my childhood best friend, how could I not hate her. As for what she had done....I don't really want to think about it now.

Different women kept making advances towards me but I'm in no mood to entertain any of them right now. There is no way I'm going to betray her. I'm going to wait for as long as I think I can hold on. She's dead; but I'm not going to believe any of that shit. I saw her fall down the cliff, but I know she's alive. Her body has not yet be found, who are they to make assumptions.

 Emily is alive somewhere, I know that. F**k that damn mating bond. I'm going to choose my mate myself regardless of whom ever the moon goddess choses.

I woke up with a serious hangover; I could swear I saw stars. I saw a cup of honey tea on the bed side table. Alicia always knows what I want. She was our family butler.

 I freshened up and went to the dining room for breakfast.

 "You are going to have to marry Violet". I expected those words from my father but I didn't expect he would do this at breakfast. This is not the first time we are having this conversation. Our parents are close friends and business partners and now that my father was aware that Violet is my mate, he's going to push this marriage of a thing. I don't know how he knew, I'm sure Violet won't tell any one except Kimberly I guess. Maybe Kimberly did say something

 But as long as I can... I'll stop it until I can find Emily. The marriage I mean.

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