Marriage talks

Violet's POV

"I guess luck is keeping a distance from you because I don't understand why Jake has to be your mate". Kimberly said as I came down from the treadmill. We were at the gym. My mind has been bugging me since that episode at the café earlier today; I couldn't even utter a single sentence.

"But what if you and Jake were really fated to each other, what if your wolf weakens because of the rejection of your mate, what if…"

"Let's go get some ice cream" I said immediately trying to change the subject. Ice cream always works out as Kimberly is now skidding her way through the gym doors. I really don't have the answers to those questions.

"Smells like mac and cheese" I noted as I took a whiff of the kitchen. Mum surely did wonders again, to me my mum was the best cook ever and anyone who has tasted her dishes can testify.

"Change your clothes first before entering my kitchen" my mum spanked my butt as she sneered. Alright I grumbled but not before sticking my tongue at my mum. A good relationship I always say is what I have with my mum. You may also call it priceless. I opened the door to my room and saw Yellow on the bed sleeping peacefully, she's pregnant and I can't wait to see her cute little kittens.

This has got to be the best mac and cheese I've tasted I told my mum as soon as I was done eating. She smiled but was not surprised because I compliment her cooking every opportunity I get. It's not every time I get to taste mum's cooking; she must've been in a good mood today. "I need to talk to you" my mum said as we both headed to the living room. "What is it mum?" I said with little or no interest as we both sat on the couch and allowed a comfortable silence to settle in. I hope it's not about taking over the company because....

"Get married to Jake" my mum said quite bluntly.

I get nervous when mum gets like this. Serious I mean. It means there is no room for discussion. To say I was dumbfounded is an understatement.

"You know how much we hate each other mum and moreover there's no way Jake is going to agree to this setup" I tried convincing. His parents will take care of him all you need to do is prepare to the most beautiful bride the pack has ever seen my mum said.

I couldn't sleep. I can't imagine life with Jake; he is never going to love me the way I wanted to be loved. I bet we are going to be sleeping in different rooms too. I picked up my phone and dialed Kimberly's number.

The first dial,

The second dial,

The third dial,

And she's still not picking. She's going to get an earful from me I said to my cat as I caress her fur.

Kimberly POV

Clubbing is what I do for a living. I'm at the club right now as we speak, rocking any guy that cares to be rocked. It happened again. I fought with mum again. Ever since dad left us she has resulted in dating any gigolo she sees out there. They introduced her to smoking, drinking and she couldn't go a day without it. It took a lot of counseling from doctors to help my mum out of that depressed state my dad left her and now she wants to get married again!. I don't want mum to go through another failed marriage. I saw how broken she was when dad left and she only managed to put herself together even though It has not been easy.

I excused myself from the dance floor as I headed to the bathroom. All those alcohol made me dizzy. I stared at my wet face in the mirror and all my defenses came crashing down. I began to sob slowly at first but it became louder without me even noticing. I sat down on the floor, knees bent and my head on my knees; I couldn't stop whimpering. Everyone just seems to be leaving me, my mate is dead, my dad left me and my mum for some other woman; I'm a complete mess.

I staggered out of the club and went in search of where I parked my car. I felt the presence of someone or should I say the presence of a wolf. I turned back and saw two dirty brownish looking wolves. Rouge wolves. We were in a dark alley so humans couldn't see us. I could take down a wolf myself but two, I'm not so sure. The two rogue wolves attacked me immediately they saw I noticed their presence.

I quickly changed into my wolf and blocked the wolf that was about to attack me. The second wolf jumped to attack me but I used my nails to leave a scratch on his face. While I was dealing with the second wolf, the first wolf gave me a really hard push to the corner. I'm sure I must have broken some ribs. The two wolves took advantage of my weakness and tried to attack but they suddenly stopped in their tracks. That's when I saw the biggest wolf I've ever encountered in my whole twenty two years of walking this earth; I don't think he's from our pack. The two wolves took to their heels on seeing my one and only savior. One doesn't need a soothsayer to know that this wolf could take down five opponents on his own, shredding them to pieces even. I guess they felt intimidated. My savior turned around to face me and stared at me for five seconds before he started walking towards me without removing his gaze from mine. It felt like he was studying me. I don't think I could get up, I needed help. He changed back in to his human form and to say I was embarrassed will not be the right word to express what I'm feeling. Seeing him standing there stark naked made my cheeks heat up in a way it had never did before. Not that I have not seen a man naked but this was different. He bent down and picked me up and walked towards his car. His hard chests were all that was on my mind and I didn't even know when he changed into a new set of clothes. He threw a shirt at me and went out of the car. I had a hard time changing because of the pain in my abdomen.

I honked to let him know I was done changing.

"I'm taking you to the hospital"; that was his first word he uttered ever since our meeting and damn, he has a sexy voice. I think I'm in love. It was a very silent ride to the hospital and soon enough I found myself in dream land.

"Where is the young man that that brought me here yesterday?" I asked the nurse that came to check up on me. "He left yesterday after dropping you off and paying your bills" the nurse replied while writing something on the chart she was holding.

"Did he ask you to leave a message for me?" I asked the nurse. "He didn't" the nurse answered before turning her back to leave. There is no means of thanking him now. I have no information about him, Not even his name. I'm so disappointed.

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